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***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***
***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***
Holiday Stress Guide: How to Reduce Stress This Busy Holiday Season

Holiday Stress Guide: How to Reduce Stress This Busy Holiday Season

Though it’s the most wonderful time of the year, managing holiday stress can also be an emotional rollercoaster. Some surveys show that 70-80% of adults report feeling stressed out by the holidays. More than a third of people surveyed said that because of the stress, they’d rather skip the holidays altogether. 


Our holiday stress tips for relaxation will help equip you with the tools you need to beat holiday stress and stay relaxed so you can actually enjoy this time of year.

4 Ways to Stay Relaxed and Reduce Holiday Stress

If you know that you tend to ask “why are the holidays so stressful?”, then plan ahead for ways to help stay relaxed throughout the month. That way, instead of letting your stress build over the course of several weeks, you can keep it at bay with a holiday relaxation routine.


Below are four ways to stay relaxed and reduce holiday stress.

1. Try a Holiday Stress Meditation Session

If you’ve never tried meditation, the holidays may be the perfect time to begin. Mindfulness practices, like meditation, have been shown to be highly effective at reducing stress. However, many people find it difficult to meditate or simply don’t enjoy it. By turning meditation into a relaxing ritual, you may find you look forward to your mindfulness practice and derive greater benefits from it.


Below are some tips to make your holiday meditation sessions more calming:


  • Choose a comfortable chair, like a zero-gravity recliner, to help relieve muscle tension
  • Play soft music or listen to a guided meditation for relaxation
  • Light some candles or put on an aromatherapy diffuser
  • Add a weighted blanket for extra comfort


Meditation can be more than sitting alone in a room silently. Introducing the above soothing elements into your meditation practice can help deepen your ability to relax. Taking time to meditate allows you to recharge so that you can get back to your holiday errands feeling revived.

2. Learn How to Spend More Time Outdoors in Winter

Burn off steam this holiday season by getting outdoors. Plenty of research shows that spending time in nature can have immediate and long-lasting psychological and emotional health benefits. It’s also a great way to manage stress, so get out there and brave the cold.

Researchers say that nature has a restorative quality, helping you go from feeling drained to revitalized in only a few minutes. One recent study found that after only 10 minutes in nature, people felt happier and less physically and mentally stressed. 


For an added holiday stress-booster, try exercising outdoors. Physical activity promotes circulation, which boosts energy levels. It also helps release stress-relieving endorphins that can instantly improve your mood. Plus, the added exposure to sunlight helps boost feel-good hormones that relieve any seasonal blues.


If you live somewhere warm, to increase your time outdoors over the holidays, walk to a nearby park and read your book on a bench. Or, stay productive by doing some light gardening work, like raking leaves or pulling a few weeds.

If you live somewhere cold, figuring out how to spend more time outdoors in winter could be very beneficial for you. Consider bundling up and trying a low impact snow activity such as snowshoeing. This will get you deep into nature where your time spent outdoors will be most peaceful and restorative.

3. Learn How to Develop Healthy Habits

For many of us, the buzz of the holiday season sends our healthy habits out the window. While we’re busy crossing things off our to-do lists, we tend to let our routines slip. 


Proper diet, exercise and sleep are foundational habits to help combat stress. Making sure you continue to incorporate healthy eating, plenty of exercise and lots of high-quality sleep can help keep holiday worries to a minimum. In addition to keeping up with our physical well-being, we also need to maintain our financial and social habits.


Here are some stress-management tips to help you stick with your healthy habit routine during the holidays:


  • Use a habit tracker to record how much sleep and exercise you’re getting
  • Avoid overscheduling yourself with too many holiday parties and appointments
  • Try new healthy recipes that keep you excited about eating well
  • Plan ahead with finances by sticking to a holiday budget


By following these healthy holiday tips, you’ll be able to keep some consistency in your routine while still enjoying your holiday plans.

4. Learn How to Practice Self Care

Most people report that having a lack of time is the biggest cause of stress associated with the holiday season. If this time of year always leaves you in a whirlwind, it could be that you don’t take enough time for yourself. Taking a few breaks away from your holiday guests can give you time to recharge your batteries and avoid exhaustion. 


Try making a gratitude list of what you‘re enjoying about the season so that it doesn’t just pass you by. It’s also a good idea to avoid social media when taking some me-time so that you can stay connected to the present moment. If you need to, take a power nap to help you feel refreshed.


While it can’t make more time in your schedule, taking a break can help give you a fresh perspective.

Top Wellness Products for Holiday Relaxation

Have the most relaxing holiday season yet with top wellness solutions from Relax The Back. From handheld massagers to luxurious sleep products, Relax The Back is your source for holiday stress-busters that also make great gifts.


Try the following relaxation and stress-relieving products from Relax The Back.

Sleep Mask By Tempur-Pedic

Sleep should always be a top priority but it’s especially important in seasons of higher stress. If you find that you tend to lose sleep during the holidays, then give yourself the gift of a Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask


One of the keys to getting great sleep is ensuring that you’re in a dark and tranquil environment. The Tempur Sleep Mask is designed to help you achieve the ultimate sleep by creating total darkness. The Tempur material molds to your face, ensuring a customized and comfortable fit.


The Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask and other Tempur products also make great gifts for your loved ones.

Smart Tens Neck Massager By Relaxus

When you need a break from the holiday action, there’s no better way to relax than with a soothing, heated massage. Experience holiday stress relief with a deep tissue massage from the Quzy Massager.


Self-massage is an effective way to encourage deep relaxation, especially in the most problematic tension areas, like the neck and shoulders. With the Smart Tens Neck Massager, you’ll get a therapeutic quality massage from six different massage modes, while the heat therapy setting helps reduce muscle soreness.


PureFit Adjustable Wedge Pillow System

To encourage a better night’s sleep, it’s important to give yourself time to relax before bed so you can prepare your mind and body for deep rest. With the PureFit Adjustable Wedge Pillow System, you’ll find the perfect bedtime relaxation solution.


Whether you like to read a book before bed, listen to a podcast or practice guided meditation, the PureFit Adjustable Wedge Pillow System provides the ergonomic support you need to relax deeply. Made from pressure-relieving memory foam, these pillows can be arranged in the most comfortable way for you. Relieve knee, hip or low back pain with this four-piece pillow system.


Find the perfect holiday gift, including bed wedges and ergonomic pillows from Relax The Back.

Circa Zero-Gravity Swivel Recliner

Enjoy some me-time and beat holiday stress in a zero-gravity recliner. The Circa Zero-Gravity Swivel Chair is a beautifully designed recliner chair that also provides a comfortable and soothing seating experience.


Achieve a neutral posture a relieve pressure from your spine with the Lito recliner’s zero-gravity mode. Designed to mimic a weightless sensation, the zero-gravity position is a proven way to reduce back pain. With built-in multiple heat zones, you’ll also find any tension or muscle soreness melt away as you sink into deep relaxation in the Circa Zero-Gravity Swivel Recliner. 


Shop other recliners, including the Perfect Chair, for you or your loved ones.

Shop Relax The Back for Holiday Relaxation and Wellness Gifts

Manage your stress this holiday season with relaxation and wellness products from Relax The Back. From massage chairs to ergonomic sleep products, Relax The Back has everything you need to prioritize your mental and physical well-being so you can enjoy your holiday season.


In addition to taking care of your own well-being, you can also give the gift of relaxation to others this holiday season. Find something for everyone on your list by shopping our holiday gift collection at Relax The Back.




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