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Back Cushions

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Back cushions are the perfect solution for those looking for some extra spine support. Lumbar cushions are a quick and convenient way to improve your posture while seated. Chair back cushions are also excellent for people with a herniated disc or sciatica, as they ensure that your back does not fall into the habit of slouching after prolonged sitting. These cushions keep your hips and shoulders perfectly aligned while helping you maintain a neutral posture as you sit. Back cushions are especially good for vehicles, as chair back cushions keep you comfortable during your drives. Create the ideal seating environment for your back for reducing upper and lower back pain wherever you are.

Choosing the best seat cushion for lower back pain

The best seat cushion for lower back pain will be different for everyone - but often it is a lumbar support cushion that can provide the most significant relief to lower back pain. Lumbar support cushions are small firm pillows that support your lower back while you’re seated, encouraging your body to maintain its natural spinal alignment. They can be used anywhere you may be sitting for an extended period of time, such as while working in an office, driving, or at mealtime. Consider where you will be using the cushion and if it needs to strap to a certain type of chair - such as a dining room chair or office chair. Your pillow will provide better support if it stays in place while you’re sitting. If you suffer from hip pain as well as lower back pain, consider getting a seat cushion that has a combination of lumbar support and tailbone support.

How to position a back and lumbar support cushion
While seated and facing straight, lean forward and place your lumbar cushion vertically on the lower half of your back - around where you would put a belt. It should be centered on your back and sit above your tailbone. Slowly lean back, and adjust until you feel comfortable and that your lower spine is supported.


How to use an office chair back support cushion

Using lumbar support while seated in an office chair is highly recommended to promote healthy posture while seated. This can prevent and alleviate lower back pain, particularly for those who spend significant time at a desk. For office chair use, look for a lumbar support cushion that has a strap so it can be secured in place for your entire day. Place the cushion on the lower half of your chair back, so that when you are seated the center of the cushion hits above your tailbone but below your ribs. It can be helpful to add an office footrest to further relieve pressure on your lower back. 

 In car back support: How to choose a car seat cushion for back pain

Car seats do not always help us maintain healthy posture, and the physical strain of driving can often contribute to back pain. With proper support for your spine, lumbar, and hips, driving back pain can be greatly reduced. When choosing a back support cushion for the car, look for options that will support your entire body - cushions that include a seat and back component connected to each other.