Workstation Accessories

Work in comfort with ergonomic office accessories, ranging from ergonomic computer accessories to keyboard trays, footrests, and more. Our ergonomic office accessories are designed to give you lasting comfort at the office while improving your physical well-being.

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Rocking Foot Machine by Humanscale


Under Desk Footrest by X-Chair


X-HMT® Heat and Massage Unit by X-Chair


Foot Machine by Humanscale


PhoneSoap 3.0
  • White
  • Black
  • Silver


Floating Desk Keyboard Tray System by Humanscale
  • White
  • Black

Starts at $290.00

ELEMAX Cooling, Heat and Massage Unit by X-Chair


Tilting Foot Rest by Humanscale


Humanscale Adjustable Monitor Arm by Humanscale


X-FlexTop by X-Chair
  • Black
  • White


Element Adjustable Desk Lamp by Humanscale
  • White/Silver

Starts at $287.00