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Humanscale Adjustable Monitor Arm


  • Product Description

    The Humanscale Adjustable Monitor Arm reduces neck and back pain by holding your flat panel monitor at the exact height and distance you want. The Adjustable Monitor Arm is designed for stability, durability, and effortless adjustment as you no longer need to lean or hunch over on your desk to view the screen. This arm also consolidates your computer cords and makes a more organized work station.

    • The monitor arm is lighter and more durable than traditional arms without sacrificing strength.
    • Includes two-piece clamp mount systems – bolt-thru with base
    • Designed with an integrated cable control system that keeps your cords neatly out of your way.
  • Product Details

    Height-Adjustable Range: 10 inches

    Arm Height: 18 inches

    Arm Reach: 18 - 20 inches

    Weight 5 pounds