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Perfect Chair Recliners

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Whether you're reading, relaxing, or watching TV, the Perfect Chairs Recliners Series is ideal for taking stress off your spine and lower back. These Human Touch Zero Gravity Chairs are a product designed to help with back pain, stress, and muscle tension. The Perfect Chair is designed to encourage an open thigh torso angle, align and stabilize the pelvis and lumbar spine, and decompress the spinal discs. A zero gravity chair is a type of recliner that evenly distributes your weight across the chair, providing a feeling of weightlessness. Zero gravity chairs can help your spine decompress in a neutral position. By reclining in the Perfect Chair’s zero gravity position, you can also reduce the strain on your heart and relieve lower back pressure.

The Perfect Chair by Human Touch comes in three sizes and features an articulating headrest, adjustable neck pillow, and built-in inflatable lumbar support making it customisable to your needs.

These Human Touch recliners come are compatible with a number of accessories you can add to make your Perfect Chair perfect for you. Choose between three options of surfaces you can attach to make your Perfect Chair suit your needs: a laptop desk, accessory table, or media table. These accessories seamlessly integrate with your Perfect Chair recliner so you can maintain a healthy neutral posture no matter your seated activity.

Using a concept developed by NASA, these reclining chairs put you in the healthiest sitting posture by minimizing your body's gravitational strain. Each Human Touch Zero Gravity Perfect Chair recliner promotes circulation, relieves muscle tension, and decompresses your vertebrae for the ultimate relaxation. Complete with adjustable headrest and a design that helps relieve muscle tension, the Perfect Chair recliner helps you rejuvenate and feel weightless.