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Standing Desks

If you are struggling with back pain or having a hard time sitting for prolonged periods at work, then an adjustable standing desk (sometimes referred to as a stand up desk) may be the answer. Sitting for hours on end can be stressful on the spine. It can also lead to feelings of lethargy and fatigue. Standing desks promote increased circulation and mental alertness. They also relieve stress on your back and legs – many people report greater core strength after using workstations with optimal ergonomics. Besides additional comfort, adjustable sit-to-stand desks are convenient. They adjust smoothly on the brushed steel base, going quickly and quietly from 25" to 52" tall, allowing you great flexibility in your work routine. At the push of a button, a standing desk converts from a regular sit-down desk to one that lets you stand and burn more calories during the workday. The freedom a sit to stand up desk provides really gives your body the change in rhythm it needs to stay productive all day.