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The Health and Wellness Market is Exploding!

Own a franchise focused on offering specialty health and wellness products to this rapidly growing consumer market.

Americans are more focused on health & wellness than ever before – and they are willing to spend money on products that support their longevity, assist in their recovery, reduce pain and stress, and help achieve an overall sense of well-being. As a result, the wellness industry is now one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, generating more than $4.5 trillion in annual revenue with an 8-10% growth rate each year. As the #1 retailer for specialty health and wellness products, Relax The Back franchise owners offer products that provide life-changing, long-lasting solutions for their customers. While other retail brands are subject to changes in the economy, Relax The Back benefits from a highly specialized customer base, who are driven to Relax The Back because they need products that will improve their overall quality of life.

“Relax The Back exists to help people lead better lives – that’s why our brand was founded, and what our franchise owners do every day,” says David Wood, CEO of Relax The Back. “Americans are engaging an active pursuit of wellness solutions to will help them live a healthier and more productive life. For the past 40 years, our stores have successfully helped people find the product solutions they need.”

With 80 stores in the U.S., Relax The Back is looking for franchisees with a strong passion for wellness and the desire to help people live and feel better every day. With the combination of exceptional exclusive products, a proven business model that is designed for simplicity and profitability, and incredible corporate support, the time to invest in a Relax The Back franchise is now!


Reasons to Own a Relax The Back Franchise

Strong Sales results even in challenging times

With rising demand from people looking to transition their home into a wellness oasis and millions transitioning to permanently working from home, Relax The Back sales are growing at a rapid pace. As a retailer with essential solutions, Relax The Back is a recession-resistant business opportunity.

Track Record of Success

Relax The Back has a 40 year history of helping entrepreneurs prosper in business. As a wellness authority focused on providing holistic product solutions, insight, and education, Relax The Back sales consultants assist clients to incorporate wellness into their daily life. This is why owning a Relax The Back franchise can be both personally, and financially rewarding.

The Wellness Boom is Real

Wellness is not a trend - Relax The Back helps people improve their quality of life by selling premium solutions for a healthy body, healthy sleep, healthy work and a healthy mind. With consumer focus on health & wellness at an all-time high, Relax The Back franchise owners are well positioned for lasting growth.

Make a Lasting Difference

From relationships that drive repeat personal interactions and sales, to strong testimonials and stories from clients, Relax The Back enjoys tremendous brand recognition and client loyalty. Become the wellness authority in your community by investing in a Relax The Back franchise.

A salesperson wearing a company logo long sleeve shirt helps a man test a recliner in a showroom. The salesperson is demonstrating the reclining features while the man sits in the chair.
What Does It Cost to Own a Relax The Back Franchise?

What Does It Cost to Own a Relax The Back Franchise?

The initial investment to open a new Relax The Back franchise starts at $219,700. The cost is low for a reason: we want to empower entrepreneurs to own a business that helps people improve their overall quality of life.

Franchise Fee: $5,000 - $29,500 Liquid Capital Required: $100,000
Total Investment: $190,250 - $392,310 Net Worth Required: $500,000
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Our Franchisee Experience

“I didn’t want to own a business where I had to work 60-70 hours a week to make it successful. I had done that before and I didn’t want to do that anymore. Relax The Back gives me the flexibility to have a great work/life balance as well the ability to be successful. I now own four stores in the Dallas area and we get a chance to help so many people. And it’s more than back pain, Relax The Back continues to expand the scope of its products to capture more of the overall wellness market. This is a viable business and it’s one that I hope to pass on to my children.”

- Jonathan Yun, owner of multiple Relax The Back franchise locations

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