PureFit Adjustable Wedge System


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  • Features:
    • Includes four wedge pillows that gently support your back and neck
    • Cervical pillow adjusts up or down as desired
    • Wedge pillow system keeps you comfortably seated upright
    • Perfect for reading, watching television, or using a laptop comfortably
    • Curved back angle against the support base
    • Curved at top of leg wedge
    • Allows for easy adjustment of the back angle you need
    • Allows back of knees to rest comfortably against wedge
    • Quick set-up and break-down
    • Adjustable wedge system keeps your body in optimal rest position
    • Relieves knee pain and pain associated with varicose veins
    • Relieves lower back pain and muscle spasms
    • Helps reduce acid reflux while sleeping
    • Leg wedge pillow elevates legs and increases circulation
    • Curved back wedge pillow for ergonomic pain relief
    • Contours and supports the back and neck
    • Keeps legs in stress-free posture

    To keep your wedge system clean and long-lasting, add on the 3-piece Wedge Case Set for extended durability and additional comfort.


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  • Dimensions: 13”-24” H x 24” W x 17”-29” L Weight: 35lbs HD foam base with 4lbs eco memory foam (17ild) layer Removable cotton cover with faux suede sides Cover is washable Please Note: All bedding items may not be returned or exchanged due to health codes

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  • No interest Financing available

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