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The Original McKenzie® SuperRoll™


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  • Product Description

    The Original McKenzie® SuperRoll™ Lumbar Support supports the natural curve of your spine in all seating conditions and it molds to your lower back providing the support you need to maintain neutral spinal alignment.

    A low-profile lumbar support with a beveled design, The Original McKenzie® SuperRoll™ features exclusive, high-resiliency, pre-compressed foam and increased compatibility.

    Features & Benefits

    • Adjustable and removable strap - the hook and loop backing directly adheres to fabric-backed chairs or the seats of your car or truck (strap contains latex)
    • Non-wrinkle, 100% polyester fabric - is moisture wicking, very durable and closely conforms to the contours of this lumbar roll
    • Made in the USA


  • Product Details

    The SuperRoll measures approximately 16" L x 2" D x 6" H.