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Premium Sacro-Ease Back Support

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McCarty's Premium Sacro-Ease Back Support is the perfect lumbar support for your car. It combines a portable solution for pelvis pain, coccyx pain, and sciatica with the customized comfort that an ergonomic seat cushion provides. If you require extra support to relieve discomfort, this memory foam seat cushion helps you improve your seating posture and ease your lower back pain.

This car back support may be the ideal solution if your job requires spending long periods of time in the car or if you simply desire a more comfortable travel experience. Your back may face heightened pressure as a result of poor support while sitting for long periods of time in vehicles such as cars, planes, and boats. Over the course of many miles of travel, a poorly supported back position can cause sciatica, pinched nerves, and numerous other back issues.

For a relaxing and comfortable ride, bring this memory foam car cushion with you on your next flight or road trip. With the aid of McCarty's car back support system, you can lessen the strain on your spinal disks, maintain better spinal alignment, and have more relaxed muscles all day. Visit your local Relax The Back store and get your McCarty's Sacro-Ease car seat bent uniquely to your body and vehicle seat for reduced impact shock and increased circulation.

Often with increased safety comes reduced comfort. For this reason, many Subaru, Toyota Prius and Volvo car owners gravitate toward these products. These vehicle owners seek an effective back support cushion to increase the comfort of their daily drives without sacrificing the safety and security these car models provide, making our Sacro-Ease Back Support the perfect solution.

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    Features & Benefits
    • Ideal Back Support - Helps relieve back pain in any office chair, while driving or on a plane. The support absorbs road shocks and dampens vibrations. 
    • Facilitates Healthy Posture - Providing a firm, yet comfortable seating surface.  by providing a firm yet comfortable seating surface.
    • Removes Strain - Takes the strain off your spinal discs and pelvis.
    • Optional Coccyx Cutout - Add the optional cutout for additional tailbone support. 
    • Please note that the current lead time for this item is 15-20 business days.
    Specifications & Details

    • Dimension: 19"H x 15"W x 14"D
    • Please note: Lumbar pillow not included.


    5-Year warranty against manufacturer defects. The hinges are warranted for the life of the cushion.

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