ManuTrain Wrist Brace


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  • Features:
    • Made in Germany with the highest quality standards
    • Machine washable
    • Available in Black
    1. Seamless knit between thumb and index finger

    Enables you to grip objects without irritation.

    2. Breathable materials

    For optimal wearing comfort.

    3. Three-dimensional knit

    Constructed to conform to the natural shape of the wrist, so it is still mobile, but gets the stability it needs.

    4. Support pads

    Relieve the pressure on nerves and blood vessels to reduce pain and swelling.

    5. Additional Velcro® strap

    Supports the stabilizing effect of the inner hand stay while letting you control the amount of compression.

    6. Adaptable stay

    Can be added for a greater stabilizing effect.

    7. Reduced pressure at the edges

    Prevents constriction.

    Treatment of:
    • Wrist sprain
    • Wrist arthritis
    • Wrist tendinitis
    • Carpal tunnel

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  • Measure the circumference of the wrist in inches: 1 - 5 1/2""-6"" 2 - 6""-6 1/4"" 3 - 6 1/4""-6 3/4"" 4 - 6 3/4""-7"" 5 - 7""-7 1/2"" 6 -7 1/2""-7 3/4""

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