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***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***
***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***

CoreStretch® Back Stretcher

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The CoreStretch® by Medi-Dyne will help you stretch your way into lower back pain relief! The CoreStretch® was originally developed for Physical Therapists to help patients achieve the safest lower back stretch by using the body’s natural traction. Now the CoreStretch® is available for your personal use at home!  

The CoreStretch® delivers the deepest, most effective lower back stretch as well as tight hamstrings and hips. Since it was originally developed for use by physical therapists, the CoreStretch® was designed with the understanding that all action initiates from the body’s trunk (or core). The CoreStretch® provides a stretch that both allows the tissues to relax and elongate and develops the major muscle groups that make up the core.   

Features & Benefits
  • Adjustable - Provides optimal stretching for 3 levels of fitness with 10 sizing options from 29" to 50" that can be used in seated, standing, or floor positions.
  • Light-Weight and Collapsible - Can conveniently be taken to the office or job site to be used several times a day. Fully collapsed, the CoreStretch easily fits under a desk or car seat. 
  • Versatile - The three-plane swivel enables up-and-down, side-to-side, and twisting motions for all major muscle groups. 
  • Eight Levels of Resistance - Start slow and increase performance over time.
Specifications & Details

  • Dimensions: 27” X 6” X 4”
  • Total Product Weight: 2.8 Lbs.


1-Year manufactures warranty - Manufacture will repair or replace for up to one year of consumer's purchase.

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