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***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***
***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***

Chirp Wheel XR 3 Pack

by Chirp
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Discover a new realm of relief with the Chirp Wheel XR 3-Pack – your gateway to liberating your body from pain, tension, and soreness. Step into the world of "XR," where Extreme Relief becomes your reality, and three transformative ways to roll out your discomfort await you.

The Chirp Wheel XR's patented Spinal Canal™ innovation is your guardian against undue pressure and potential injury. As you delve deep into sore muscles, this ingenious feature ensures the protection and safety of your spine, allowing you to immerse yourself in relief without compromise.

Encounter the future of relaxation through the XR 3-Pack's trio of ingeniously designed wheels, each bearing a unique massage texture tailored to your needs:

  • 10” Acupressure Massage: Feel the soothing embrace of the 10-inch acupressure massage as it targets and releases tension in your muscles, providing a profound sense of relaxation and comfort.
  • 6” Knot-Kneading Thumb Massage: Surrender to the gentle yet impactful 6-inch knot-kneading thumb massage, meticulously engineered to alleviate knots and provide a thorough release of muscle tightness.
  • 4” Neck Tension & Headache Relief: Let go of stress and discomfort as the 4-inch wheel delicately alleviates neck tension and headaches, guiding you towards a tranquil state of well-being.
    Features & Benefits
    • Triumph of Extreme Relief - Immerse yourself in unparalleled comfort as the Chirp Wheel XR 3-Pack delivers an extraordinary level of relief, effectively tackling sore muscles, tension, and discomfort. Experience a revolutionary approach to pain management that redefines your well-being.
    • Three Specialized Wheels, Three Unique Textures - This 3-Pack boasts a trio of expertly crafted wheels, each with its own distinct massage texture to cater to your specific needs - 
    1. 10” Acupressure Massage Wheel - Target and alleviate muscle tension with the 10-inch acupressure massage wheel, offering soothing comfort and relaxation.
    2. 6” Knot-Kneading Thumb Massage Wheel - Find solace from knots and tightness with the 6-inch knot-kneading thumb massage wheel, providing gentle yet effective relief.
    3. 4” Neck Tension & Headache Relief Wheel - Enjoy relief from neck tension and headaches through the 4-inch wheel, designed to ease discomfort and promote relaxation.
    • Innovative Spinal Canal™ Technology - The Chirp Wheel XR features the groundbreaking Spinal Canal™, a patented solution that safeguards your spine from undue pressure and potential injuries. Experience a deeply targeted massage without compromising the health of your spine.
    • Precision Targeting with Textured Massage - Benefit from the science of targeted pressure with the 5-inch width of the Chirp Wheel XR. Nestled perfectly between your shoulder blades, it applies precise pressure to your most troublesome areas. The unique texture of each wheel reimagines specific massage techniques, offering a truly personalized experience.
    • Elevated Well-Being with Spinal Traction - Combat the effects of prolonged sitting and standing with the Chirp Wheel XR's spinal traction feature. By gently extending the joints of your spine, this innovation counters pressure and compression, enhancing your overall well-being.
    • Durable Construction for Longevity - Crafted with the utmost quality, the Chirp Wheel XR 3-Pack is built to last. Designed to endure regular use, it becomes a steadfast companion on your journey to pain relief and relaxation.
    • Effortless Integration into Your Routine - Seamlessly incorporate the Chirp Wheel XR 3-Pack into your self-care regimen. Its user-friendly design ensures that you can experience the benefits of extreme relief without hassle or complexity.
    • Elevate Your Self-Care Routine - Elevate your daily self-care routine to new heights of comfort and relaxation with the Chirp Wheel XR 3-Pack. Discover a world where tension melts away, and discomfort becomes a distant memory.
    • Three Paths to Tranquility - Whether you seek relief from muscle soreness, knots, or headaches, the Chirp Wheel XR 3-Pack provides a solution tailored to your needs. Choose your path to tranquility and indulge in a rejuvenating experience.
    • Unveil a World of Possibilities - Unlock the potential for a pain-free and revitalized life with the Chirp Wheel XR 3-Pack. Embrace the transformational power of extreme relief, expert massage, and innovative spinal protection that redefine your journey towards a healthier, happier you.
    Specifications & Details

    • One Package Includes: 10" Acupressure Wheel, 6" Knot Kneader Wheel, 4" "Tech Neck" Relief Wheel
    • Total Product Weight: Approximately 4 Lbs. per wheel


    1-Year Limited Warranty

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