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***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***
***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***
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Ceragem V6 Thermal Massage Bed

by Ceragem

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Experience the unparalleled comfort and relief provided by the Ceragem V6 Thermal Massage Bed. Designed with advanced technology and FDA clearance, this innovative device offers a holistic approach to managing muscle and joint pain, enhancing blood circulation, and promoting relaxation. With specialized heated massage rollers targeting acupressure points along the spinal line, including cervical vertebrae, users can enjoy a tailored massage experience that addresses their unique body shape and needs. Say goodbye to discomfort and stiffness as the Ceragem V6 delivers intensive thermal therapy reaching up to 149°F, loosening stiff spines and providing temporary relief with each session.

Customization is at the heart of the Ceragem V6 experience, ensuring that every user receives the attention and care their body deserves. Equipped with 22 massage modes, including specialized options like Acupressure Mode and Golf Mode, along with 9 intensity settings and 3 adjustable speed levels, users have complete control over their massage experience. Whether you're looking to relax and restore after a long day or seeking relief from muscle tension and stress, the Ceragem V6 offers the versatility and convenience to meet your needs.

Beyond its therapeutic benefits, the Ceragem V6 boasts a sleek design and user-friendly features for added convenience. With automatic start, pause, and turn-off functions, along with easy folding and unfolding capabilities, this massage bed seamlessly integrates into your daily routine. Enhance your overall well-being and discover a new level of comfort with the Ceragem V6 Thermal Massage Bed – the ultimate solution for comprehensive spinal care management and relaxation.

Features & Benefits
  • Advanced Thermal Massage Rollers - Specialized heated massage rollers deliver an intensive massage to the spinal line, including cervical vertebrae, providing acupressure precision. Designed with flexibility and automatic vertical adjustment, these rollers tailor the massage to the user's unique spinal length and curvature, offering seamless relief from muscle and joint pain.
  • Customized Massage Experience - Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Ceragem V6 scans and analyzes the user's spinal length, curvature, and body weight to provide a personalized massage experience. Offering intensive thermal therapy up to 149°F at programmed acupressure points, this device loosens stiff spines and promotes relaxation.
  • Comprehensive Blood Circulation Enhancement - Integrated air cell massagers and airbag technology promote blood circulation to the legs, while repetitive pneumatic inflation and deflation techniques offer an intensive massage experience. Boosting blood circulation helps relieve muscle tension and enhances overall relaxation.
  • User-Friendly Design with Multiple Massage Modes - With 22 massage modes, including 17 pre-programmed auto modes like Acupressure Mode and Golf Mode, along with 5 custom modes, users can tailor their massage to their specific needs. The Master Mode allows users to target specific spinal areas, with adjustable intensity levels and three speed settings for a personalized experience.
  • Intelligent Auto-Start Technology - The Ceragem V6 is equipped with intelligent auto-start technology that begins a massage session as soon as the user lies down on the massager. This seamless operation ensures a convenient and immediate relaxation experience without the need for manual intervention.
  • Automatic Pause and Turn-Off - With automatic pause functionality, the Ceragem V6 halts the massage session if the user gets up from the massager, preserving energy and ensuring safety. Additionally, the device features automatic turn-off if the user is not detected for a specified period, providing peace of mind and energy efficiency.
  • Enhanced Comfort with Easy Sliding Mechanism - Folding and unfolding the Ceragem V6 is effortless thanks to its easy sliding mechanism. Equipped with floor-detecting sensors and actuator technology, the sub rollers automatically drop down to the floor when folding or unfolding, facilitating a smooth and distraction-free massage experience.
Specifications & Details

  • Dimensions: Unfolded: 28.7"W X 80.5"D X 17.0"H
  • Recommended height
    for body sensing:
    47.2" – 73.2"
  • Total Product Weight: 143 Lbs.
  • CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning


1-Year Warranty

Shipping Information

This product ships in three weeks from the date of order.

Ceragem Massage Bed video banner


Therapeutic Thermal Massager At Home

The FDA-cleared Class II medical device helps provide temporary relief of muscle and joint pain, improves blood circulation, and promotes muscle relaxation.

Core Features

Intense Close Up Massage Along the Spine (Accupressure Massage)

Customized Massage Tailored to User's Spinal Length and Curvature

Promote Blood Circulation with Air Cell Massagers

22 Massage Modes Developed by Well-Life Medical Research Center

Adjustable 3 Massage Speed Settings: Fast, Normal, and Slow

Auto Start Upon Lying Down

Intensive Acupressure Massage for Spinal and Cervical Relief

Specialized heated massage rollers, engineered with precision for targeted relief at acupressure points. Experience personalized comfort with seamless vertical adjustment, enhancing your massage therapy session.

Cutting-Edge Thermal Therapy at 149°F

Unlock the Power of Intensive Thermal Therapy at 149°F to Loosen a Stiff Spine. This feature delivers targeted heat to the programmed acupressure points of your spine, promoting relaxation and flexibility. Choose your ideal temperature for personalized comfort and rejuvenation.

Our Customized Massages Adapt to Your Body's Individual Shape

Heated massage rollers scan and analyze user’s spinal length and curvature to provide a customized massage for all kinds of body shapes from children to adults.

Customized massage available for various body types

4 ft. tall person

5.5 ft. tall person

6 ft. tall person

The CERAGEM V6 Delivers Full-Body Thermal Therapy, Targeting Both Upper and Lower Body Areas

The CERAGEM V6 Delivers Full-Body Thermal Therapy, Targeting Both Upper and Lower Body Areas

The CERAGEM V6 provides a comprehensive thermal therapy experience, catering to both upper and lower body needs. Enjoy the soothing warmth and relaxation as it targets every inch of your body with precision."

Experience Relief, Feel the Difference: Air Cell Massagers for Leg Circulation

Experience Relief, Feel the Difference: Air Cell Massagers for Leg Circulation

Discover unparalleled relief with our Air Cell Massagers, expertly crafted to stimulate circulation in your legs, providing a soothing and revitalizing sensation for ultimate comfort.

Unwind in Luxury: Heated Massager's 140°F Heat and Vibrations

Unwind in Luxury: Heated Massager's 140°F Heat and Vibrations

Immerse yourself in pure relaxation with our heated massager, offering indulgent 140°F heat and calming vibrations. With three intensity settings, effortlessly alleviate tension from head to toe, including the abdomen, and embrace total serenity.

Learn About the CERAGEM V6 Massage Bed

Product Details

Product Size
Folded: 28.7″W X 47.7″D X 17.0″H
Unfolded 28.7″W X 80.5″D X 17.0″H

143 Lbs.

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