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***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***
***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***

BackJoy Plus TEMPUR Posture Seat

by BackJoy
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The BackJoy Plus TEMPUR Posture Seat – the ultimate solution for enhancing your sitting experience and supporting optimal posture. Crafted with precision and advanced technology, this innovative seat combines the expertise of two leading brands, BackJoy and TEMPUR, to provide exceptional comfort and posture support like never before.

Designed to fit most chairs and seating surfaces, the BackJoy Plus TEMPUR Posture Seat is a versatile and portable accessory that can accompany you wherever you go. Whether you're working long hours at the office, driving on extended road trips, or simply relaxing at home, this seat ensures your body receives the support it deserves.

At the heart of the BackJoy Plus TEMPUR Posture Seat lies its cutting-edge TEMPUR material. TEMPUR, renowned for its adaptive properties, conforms to your body's unique contours, delivering personalized comfort and relief from pressure points. This premium foam technology alleviates strain and discomfort caused by prolonged sitting, allowing you to maintain a healthy posture throughout the day.

The ergonomic design of the BackJoy Plus TEMPUR Posture Seat features a deep bowl shape that naturally aligns your spine, promoting proper posture and reducing the risk of back pain. Providing optimal pelvic support, it helps prevent slouching and encourages an upright position, making it an ideal companion for individuals who spend significant time seated.

Features & Benefits
  • Advanced TEMPUR Material - The seat is constructed with premium TEMPUR foam technology, known for its adaptive properties. It conforms to your body's shape, providing personalized comfort and relieving pressure points for optimal relaxation.
  • Ergonomic Design - The deep bowl shape of the seat promotes proper spinal alignment, reducing the risk of back pain and encouraging a healthy posture. It supports the pelvic region, preventing slouching and promoting an upright position.
  • Versatile and Portable - The seat is designed to fit most chairs and seating surfaces, making it ideal for various settings. Its lightweight and portable nature allow you to carry it wherever you go, ensuring you have the support you need for comfortable sitting on the move.
  • All-Day Comfort - With the BackJoy Plus TEMPUR Posture Seat, you can enjoy extended periods of sitting without discomfort. The TEMPUR material evenly distributes your body weight, relieving strain and promoting relaxation, making it suitable for long office hours, road trips, or leisure time at home.
  • Enhances Productivity - By providing optimal posture support, the seat helps you stay focused and productive for longer durations. It minimizes fatigue and discomfort, allowing you to concentrate on your tasks or activities without distraction.
  • Supports Overall Well-being - Maintaining good posture is essential for overall well-being. The BackJoy Plus TEMPUR Posture Seat not only improves your sitting experience but also helps prevent long-term back issues and contributes to a healthier lifestyle.
Specifications & Details

  • Dimensions: 15.75" x 15.25" x 3.75"
  • Product Weight: 1.3 Lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 300 Lbs.

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