Zero Gravity Position Explained

Relax The Back is the leading provider of products and service designed for the relief and prevention of back and neck pain. While 80% of us experience back or neck pain, most episodes of pain are preventable and can be traced to the lack of supported, stabilized and comfortable posture.


Central to understanding the Relax The Back approach to preventing and relieving back and neck pain, is the Neutral Posture Concept. The Neutral posture is a measurable set of angles which allows the spine to be in its most relieved, relaxed, and stable alignment. This, in turn, alleviates disk pressure, improves circulation, and relieves soft tissue tension associated with static resting postures. 
To be exact, according to NASA’s development of the MSIS (Man-Systems Integration Standards), the angles regarding the spine are 128° (+/-7°) between the torso and thigh, and 133° (+/-8°) between the hamstrings and calf. When we are outside of these general degrees of alignment, the spine suffers increase the risk of injury through the increase of inter-vertebral compression; loss of spinal nourishment though decreased circulation; diminished core strength and flexibility and spinal stability through the decrease of kinetic soft tissue activity.
Because so much back pain is the result of static resting postures, Relax The Back also considers the 24-hour approach to spine care.
According to the American Time Use Survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2009) on average, we spend approximately 9 hours working, 8 hours sleeping, 6 hour relaxing/leisure, and the remaining 2 hours in other activities like commuting.
These all represent static spine postures which have the potential to negatively impact the spine by weakening core stabilizing muscles, decrease circulation throughout the spine, and increase inter-vertebral compression. Therefore finding solutions for back and neck pain prevention cannot be relegated to a new office chair or mattress topper only, rather, all areas are considered when approaching a client’s goals and needs.
Combining the Neutral Posture concept and the 24-hour approach provides customized options fitted to each client’s personal needs. This tandem helps relieve pain, muscle tension, and discomfort through their consistent application, spinal stability is maintained, pain is relieved, and spinal health is improved