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Lifeform Ultimate Executive Chair Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

STEP 1. Place Base on floor with Caster holes facing up.

Firmly push one Caster into each hole.

STEP 2. Place widest end of Cover Can over narrowest end of Gas Lift.

STEP 3. Place seat on floor with Control facing up. Place narrow end of Gas Lift into hole in bottom of Control.

STEP 4. Place Base over widest end of Gas Lift. Turn Chair upright, so Casters are on the ground.

STEP 5. Place Arm Pads face down on a flat surface. Place the Arm Brackets over the pads, lining up the mounting holes. Push Arm Bolts through Lockwashers, then thread into holes and hand-tighten slightly on one side and then the other to ensure holes are evenly aligned. Hold Philips Screw Driver (not included) fully upright, take care not to cross thread and strip the Bolts, and tighten both sides.

STEP 6. Slide Arm Brackets into the Arm Mount Brackets under each side of the Seat. Place a Lockwasher and then a Flat Washer over each Handwheel stem. Thread Handwheels into the holes in the Arm Mount Brackets enough to hold them in place. Adjust the Arms to desired position and tighten the Handwheels so that there is no play in the Arms.

STEP 7. Slide the Back Upright Bar into Rear Seat Bracket. Place a Lock washer over the end of each Back Bolt. Line up the 3 mounting holes, and using the 3/16” Allen Key, slightly thread at least two of the Back Bolts in to hold the Back in place. Add the third Back Bolt and tighten fully with the 3/16”Allen Key.

STEP 8. Test the chair functions and adjust to your desired position. Enjoy your new Lifeform chair