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Core Flex Upgrade


The Core-flex seat is designed to allow a small range of natural motion while seated. Virtually all of the pain, discomfort and health issues associated with sitting all day at work are due to lack of movement, since the human body needs nearly constant motion for optimum health.

One of the most natural motions for the human body is the alternation of the legs, as in walking or shifting the body weight from side to side. What is unnatural is to force the legs not to move for hours.

Research shows that even when standing still, the human body wants to shift its weight from side to side every 30 seconds. This motion, called postural sway, helps reduce fatigue from maintaining our posture, by allowing the core muscles to take turns engaging and resting.

Sitting with slumped posture all day is the source of back pain. If we don’t internally support our back in a healthy posture, gravity causes damage and pain. A backrest cannot lift the spine into healthy posture, but core muscles can easily maintain support if weight is alternated naturally from side to side.

Frequent news stories emphasize the research that shows: people who sit all day greatly increase their chances of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and obesity because their metabolism is lowered, since they are not exerting the energy to hold their body upright. The effort required to maintain healthy posture burns most of the calories in our average daily activity.

We sit on the largest muscles in the body; small frequent contractions of these leg muscles increase blood flow, stimulate the metabolism, and prevent cramps and soreness.

Lifeform’s Core-Flex Split Seat

  • Encourages the natural alternation of the legs
  • Provides small motions that increase blood flow and stimulate metabolism
  • Cradles each leg ergonomically (contour seat pan) to reduce pressure
  • Gently rocks the pelvis in a natural motion, strengthening the spine
  • Permits natural, healthy motion throughout the day,without distraction
  • Permits a full range of motion while reaching forward and sideways.

Core-flex was designed with cooperation from a renowned spinal fitness center in Canada. Its patented mechanism was tested for two years by patients and staff. They experienced improvements by strengthening their core and back muscles through motion even while seated all day long. 

Customers find that the chair motion quickly becomes automatic, since the body naturally seeks small frequent motions to move joints and relieve stress. There is no distraction from reading or computer work while flexing in the chair.

The Lifeform/Core-flex chair creates a new way to sit, where natural healthy motion is maintained throughout the day. 

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