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***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***
***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***
Casper Dream Max Medium-Soft Mattress in a bedroom setting.

Casper Dream Max Hybrid 14" Medium-Soft Mattress

by Casper

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The Casper Dream Max Hybrid Medium-Soft Mattress, the pinnacle of comfort and support. This premium hybrid mattress is meticulously crafted with precision-cut foam and individually encased coils to provide an unparalleled sleep experience. Engineered with a supportive medium-soft feel, it caters to all sleep styles, making it particularly ideal for side sleepers seeking relief from aches and pains.

Designed to alleviate common sleep disturbances, the Dream Max features the most breathable foams in the Casper lineup. The top layer of breathable polyurethane foam ensures a cool and cozy sleep surface, complemented by a second layer of zoned polyurethane foam that enhances targeted support. Beneath these layers, a third layer of contoured polyurethane foam and a durable base of polyurethane foam with encased springs provide stability and longevity.

The Dream Max is equipped with advanced ergonomic features to cradle your body and promote optimal spinal alignment. It incorporates a combination of firmer center foam and precisely cut channels that support the natural curves of your body, focusing on the shoulders, lower back, and hips. This unique design, coupled with responsive Flex Coils, minimizes motion transfer and adjusts to your movements throughout the night, ensuring undisturbed rest.

Enhanced with a buttery soft and airy knit blend Cozy Cover, the Dream Max delivers an extra layer of comfort and coziness. The mattress also features Breathe+ Flex Foam, an ultra-breathable open-cell foam that enhances airflow and provides just the right amount of bounce for a restorative sleep experience. Whether you're seeking relief from aches and pains or simply looking for a luxurious sleep solution, the Casper Dream Max Hybrid 14" Medium-Soft Mattress promises unparalleled comfort and support, night after night.

Features & Benefits
  • Responsive Feel - Offers a supportive medium feel with the perfect bit of bounce for a refreshing sleep experience.
  • Breathable Foams - Breathe Flex Foam allows optimal airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.
  • Ergonomic Support - Zoned Support™ technology ensures your spine stays in ergonomic alignment with firmer foam under your hips, waist, and lower back.
  • Hybrid Technology - Combines premium foam that adapts to your body with individually pocketed Flex Coils to minimize motion transfer and enhance support.
  • Luxurious Cover - A buttery soft and airy knit blend cover with added loft enhances coziness, making your mattress feel even more luxurious.
  • Layered Construction - The top layer consists of breathable polyurethane foam for a soft, airy feel, the second layer features zoned memory foam that adapts to your body’s contours, and the base layer includes durable polyurethane foam combined with encased springs for superior stability and support.
  • Ideal for Any Sleep Style - Perfect for any sleep style, especially side sleepers, due to its balanced mix of softness and support.
  • Reduces Tossing and Turning - Designed to address common sleep disturbances, ensuring a restful and uninterrupted night’s sleep.
Specifications & Details
  • Twin Long Dimensions: 38”W x 80”L x 12"H
  • Full Dimensions: 53”W x 75”L x 12"H
  • Queen Dimensions: 60”W x 80”L x 12"H
  • King Dimensions: 76”W x 80”L x 12"H
  • CA King Dimensions: 72”W x 84”L x 12"H

10-Year Limited Warranty

Shipping Information
  • Curbside Shipping: 1-2 business days from the date of the order.
  • White Glove Delivery: 7-14 business days from the date of the order.
Casper Dream Max Medium-Soft Mattress in a bedroom setting.


Cozy Cover

Cozy Cover

A buttery soft and airy knit blend is enhanced with added loft to make your mattress even cozier.

Breathe+ Flex Foam

Breathe+ Flex Foam

A responsive and ultra-breathable open cell foam soothes you to sleep with enhanced airflow and the perfect bit of bounce.

20% more breathable than Breathe Flex Foam.

Zoned Support™ Max

Zoned Support™ Max

Combines our firmer center foam with a second layer of precisely cut channels to cradle the natural curve of your body while adding support to your hips, waist, and lower back for the ultimate ergonomic relief.

Over 2x the support zones as Zoned Support™.

Hybrid Technology

Hybrid Technology

Premium foam continuously adjusts to your body while individually encased Flex Coils are designed to cradle and support.


Does The Dream Max orthopedic hybrid mattress sleep hot? Show Item Content

All of our mattresses are specifically designed to sleep cool. We run thermal imaging tests and sweat tests to make sure our mattresses feel nice and breezy throughout the night to keep you comfortable.

If sleeping hot is a challenge for you, Snow Technology is our most advanced solution to nighttime overheating. The combination of HeatDelete™ Bands, Phase Change Material, and cooling Snow Cover keep you comfortably cool from the moment you crawl into bed.

Which is the softest mattress in the new collection? Show Item Content

The Snow Max and Dream Max are both considered Medium-Plush mattresses. The Snow Max combines layers of memory foam and will contour to the shape of your body, while the Dream Max is a combination of the more responsive Flex Foam and Memory Foam that is more luxurious and responsive than Snow Max.

What kinds of bed frames are compatible with Casper mattresses? Show Item Content

Casper mattresses are designed to work on a firm, solid surface like our foundation, platform, or adjustable bed frame. Having the correct support ensures the performance and longevity of memory foam mattresses.

For slatted frames, we recommend using bed slats that are flat (not bowed), wooden, and no more than 4 inches apart.

What is the Zone Support Technology in Casper hybrid mattresses? Show Item Content

Zone Support™ is engineered to keep your spine in ergonomic alignment by providing support where your body needs it most, with firmer foam under the hips, waist, and lower back. Zoned Support Max™ combines our firmer center foam with a second layer of precisely cut channels to cradle the natural curve of your body while adding support to your hips, waist, and lower back for the ultimate ergonomic relief with our hybrid memory foam design.

What is a mattress in a box? How long does it take for a Casper mattress to expand? Show Item Content

A mattress in a box is a mattress that’s compressed in an air-sealed bag and rolled tight so that it can fit into a box that’s easier to maneuver than a traditional mattress. Allowing you the flexibility and convenience of picking your mattress online and having it easily delivered to your door.

When you receive the mattress, all you’ll need to do is pull it out of its packaging, lay it flat on your bed frame or floor, and let it expand.

Foam and hybrid mattresses can be slept on almost right away but may take up to 48 hours to expand fully. Our Snow mattresses are primarily made with memory foam and can take up to 72 hours to expand fully.

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