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BetterBack® Seat Support


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  • Product Description

    The BetterBack® is a portable and foldable back support, ergonomically designed to support proper neutral spine alignment and promote better posture. Its contoured wood shape keeps the integrity of the seat and back components independent of the surface on which you place it. You can even use it on a picnic bench.

    It also helps you maintain a comfortable, anatomically correct sitting position, which is essential for both good health and personal well being. Sitting hunched over for extended periods of time can cause unnecessary backaches, muscle strain, and fatigue.

    Luckily, the BetterBack® Seat Support can help prevent slouching and keep the spine in a neutral position. With the help of doctors and the medical profession, the BetterBack® is widely recommended by chiropractors, physiotherapists, doctors, and thousands of satisfied users.

    • Molded wooden seat provides excellent pelvic support, and encourages a correct sitting position
    • Molded wooden back ensures optimal support, relieving backache
    • Ergonomic design encourages a natural relaxed sitting position
    • Relieves strain on the lower back and pelvis
    • High quality foam for added comfort
    • Durable luxurious polysuede fabric
    • Adjustable strap for easy attachment to chair/car seat
    • Carrying strap makes the BetterBack® easy to take anywhere
    • Includes adjustable strap for easy attachment to user's chair or car seat
    • Includes removable, height adjustable LumbiPad® for additional lumbar support
  • Product Details

    15.5 inches - Depth front to back of seat
    17.5 inches - Wide at the front of the seat
    13 inches - Wide at the back of the seat
    21.5 inches - From the bottom of the back rest to the top
    37 inches - Flat from the bottom of the seat to the top of the backrest

    Weight: 6 pounds

    Warranty: 3 Years Limited