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***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***
***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***
Why Relax The Back is a Recession-Resistant Franchise Opportunity

Why Relax The Back is a Recession-Resistant Franchise Opportunity

Rising consumer market serves increasingly positive results for iconic specialty health and wellness retail franchise

The wellness market has grown nearly twice as fast as the global economy, according to the Global Wellness Institute. In the $4.5 trillion health and wellness industry, the U.S. has the largest market share, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to meet the growing demand for services and products that improve our wellbeing. For more than three decades, Relax The Back, wellness products franchise, has helped entrepreneurs do exactly that. As a leading specialty retailer in the health & wellness segment, our franchise owners are the go-to resources for people seeking products that support a healthy lifestyle.

In 2021, our business model is more relevant than ever before. People are far more educated about sleep, recovery from working out, meditation, and now, how to work from home comfortably. All of these are areas and more is where Relax The Back has products that truly make a difference.

“People come to us because they want a better quality of life – and that’s something we take very seriously,” says Andrew Cohen, President of Relax The Back. “All of our products are focused on delivering health and wellness benefits. During the pandemic, we saw a big increase in consumers shopping for products to help them work from home. This is why our brand recovered so quickly in terms of our sales – we had products that helped people transition into a new working environment.” High-end products mean higher margins

One of the benefits of franchising with Relax The Back is that we don’t require a large number of customers to be profitable. The products that we sell are high-end, long-lasting and designed to deliver specific results that meet the individual needs of our customers.

This means that our products are expensive, and as a result, our franchise owners enjoy higher margins than other retail businesses that compete on price and for foot traffic.

People come to Relax The Back for a reason. Our franchise owners are there to help, guide and assist their customers on products that require a level of education before buying. This creates long-lasting relationships and repeat business.

If a customer wants to shop online, Relax The Back franchise owners benefit, too. The online shopping platform is designed to help franchise owners benefit from sales in their geographical area, and this additional revenue stream continues to drive strong sales.

“As a specialty retailer for 40 years, we continue to experience tremendous client loyalty,” Cohen says. “Consumers come to us to improve their overall health and wellness and we satisfy their needs through a unique product offering and superior one-on-one personalized experiences. We only offer high-quality products and our franchise owners can take pride in their ability to help clients improve their quality of life. At the same time, we want our franchise owners to be as profitable as they can be – and by keeping the costs low and the business model simple, we’re able to produce really strong results.” Relax The Back is a standout business opportunity!

We’re leading the industry of specialty retailers and have the solutions for a healthy body, healthy mind, and a better life. Now, we’re seeking franchisees with a strong passion and desire to do the same. Fill out an inquiry form on this site and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly.

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