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Foot Log


  • Product Description

    Foot Log massager is an easy-to-use tool designed to ease pain and discomfort on the foot. Foot pain can happen for many reasons. If your job requires to stand or sit for long hours, your feet may have to bear the brunt. Likewise, medical conditions like plantar fasciitis, diabetes, arthritis and other types of conditions can also lead to foot pain and discomfort. The Foot Log is a natural way of healing. It is a massaging tool that can improve circulation, stimulate the muscles, reduce foot tension, and help ease the pain. With regular use, you can easily treat your tired foot from the comfort of your home.

    Features and Health Benefits: 

    • Relieves Foot Pain And Stress In Minutes - Although the FootLog was initially designed to relieve foot pain and plantar fasciitis – especially for those who have poor foot circulation or who have hot, tired, burning or aching feet – it has become popular also with athletes, dancers, hikers, or anyone who spends time on their feet.
    • You can use the footlog anytime - Especially when you have been sitting for long periods, or when you have been excessively active.
    • You can use it anywhere - At work, the gym, or even on vacation. Using a science called Reflexology, the FootLog is a full body boost regardless of how you feel.
  • Product Details

    Dimensions and Specs:

    • Dimensions:13" L x 2" W x 2" H
    • Total Product Weight: 1.61 Lbs.
    • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty.