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Ergonomic Office Furniture

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Relax The Back offers ergonomic workstations including standing desks, ergonomic chairs for your home office, lumbar supports, footrests, & more ergonomic home office furniture. We can even help you create a custom ergonomic desk setup that perfectly fits how you like to work and your comfort needs. Hours of sedentary work can take a toll on the spine, compressing your discs and decreasing circulation. Likewise, hours of repetitive motion with a traditional mouse and keyboard can also lead to painful complications. Especially during a time when we’re all spending more hours at home you need an ergonomic home office that is well suited for your back and neck comfort needs. Struggling through back pain due to poor posture, neck pain due to bad alignment, or wrist pain due to carpal tunnel can be a thing of the past with an ergonomic desk setup.

You can create an ergonomic workstation that is well suited for your back and neck comfort needs. Struggling through back pain due to poor posture, neck pain due to bad alignment, or wrist pain due to carpal tunnel can be a thing of the past with an ergonomic desk setup.

How to setup an ergonomic home office:
At a time when many of us are spending more hours than usual working from home, setting up an ergonomic home office is essential to your long term health and comfort. Many home offices lack even the most basic pieces of ergonomic office furniture and this can lead to decreased productivity and job satisfaction along with possibly chronic pain that stems from sitting in one position doing repetitive tasks such as typing or clicking a mouse. The first thing you’ll need to consider are the actual requirements of your job and how they fit into your ergonomic home office. If you work with multiple computer monitors you’ll need to consider how they will fit with an item like an adjustable standing desk that lets you stand while working. Something that can aid greatly in making your computer monitors more usable from a standing or sitting position would be an extended reach monitor arm which lets you adjust your monitor to your preferred working style throughout the day. If you find that you generally work best from a sitting position you’ll need to invest in an ergonomic office chair which dissipates the tension that can accumulate in your lumbar region as you remain in seated position for a long period of time. Finally there are a multitude of other ergonomic home office furniture pieces that all have a part to play in your long term comfort and happiness that you may want to include as well. For example, an ambidextrous wireless mouse and adjustable split keyboard will greatly help you remain comfortable while typing, clicking, and scrolling the day away.

Best ergonomic home office setup:
There is no singular best ergonomic home office setup because what works best for you and your job may not work as well for another person. With this said there are some items that almost all people will benefit from that you should consider including as well. We would start with an adjustable standing desk because this item adds an entire new functionality to your ergonomic home office, namely the ability to stand while your work which can improve your posture, relieve lower back tension, and help your burn calories all while you get your work done. Pairing well with a standing desk is an ergonomic office chair. These chairs will ensure that the time you do spend sitting is not done at the expense of your back by relieving tension and pressure that can accumulate in a sub-standard office chair or from sitting on a piece of furniture that is not well-suited office tasks such as a couch or easy chair. While these pieces of furniture might be comfortable at first, spending long hours in them while hunched over a laptop will absolutely not leave your back feeling well rested. Finally consider which ergonomic office accessories you’ll need to stay comfortable all day long. An adjustable lamp is a great choice that will allow you to place light exactly where you need it which is crucial for reducing the eye strain that can accompany long hours of staring at a screen in dim conditions.

Ergonomic checklist for home office:

  1. Ergonomic Office Chair – These chairs are specially designed to dissipate the stress that can accumulate in your lumbar region after hours spent sitting. We consider this item crucial to any ergonomic home office where the user is not committed to standing for long periods of time.
  2. Adjustable Standing Desk – These desks raise and lower to your preferred height. Standing instead of sitting while you work has a number of benefits including lessened lower back pressure, stronger core muscles, more calories burned while working and better posture.
  3. Adjustable Monitor Arms and Adjustable Lamps – Your office should move with you. These items will enable you to easily and safely rearrange how your monitors and light sources are set up so that as you adjust to a more comfortable position your workstation can follow suit.
  4. Ergonomic Computer Accessories – An adjustable split keyboard and an ergonomic computer mouse will enable you to type, click, and scroll from a more natural position dictated by what is more comfortable to you, rather than what works best to use the mouse or keyboard.
  5. Adjustable Foot Rest – An adjustable foot rest is another tool in your arsenal that will allow you to remain as comfortable as you want to be while working. An ergonomic footrest pairs well with an ergonomic office chair and will keep your feet and legs in a comfortable position which increases circulation and reduces fatigue.