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Lumbar Pillows & Seat Supports

Ergonomic back supports help keep your spine in neutral position and properly align your neck, shoulders and pelvis to avoid pain. Suffering from back pain due to continual stress on your lower back can be a thing of the past, as lumbar support products can easily fit everyone's individual needs and help you sit more comfortably. After sitting for prolonged periods of time, you may notice a natural tendency to slouch or lean forward, a motion that often pushes your lower back outward. This is especially common in the office. It is this unnatural curvature of the spine that often leads to lower back pain. Investing in a quality seat support is an important first step towards a healthier back and correcting your bad sitting habits. At Relax The Back, you can find a back seat support to liberate you from lower back pain and give you better posture.
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