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***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***
***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***
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Winter Blues Home Remedies: 5 Natural Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

The winter blues—a mild but persistent feeling of sadness or lack of motivation during the winter months—affects up to 20% of the adult population. Women are more likely to feel the winter blues than men, and the farther north you live, the more you may be affected by seasonal changes in light.


The winter blues can occur for many reasons, including spending less time outdoors, experiencing trouble sleeping or having less social time. If you notice you tend to feel a slump in the wintertime compared to other seasons, this guide will help you naturally shed the winter blues and restore energy and motivation.


Below are five ways to naturally boost your mood and energy levels and beat the winter blues.

1. Use Sun Simulating Lighting

The farther north you live, the less sunlight you get during the winter. This lack of sunlight is one of the major contributing factors to the winter blues. Sunlight is vital to human well-being. It’s an instant mood booster and helps our bodies produce vitamin D—a critical nutrient for mental health, immune system strength and more.


Having limited sunlight is especially difficult in the morning when we wake up well before sunrise. With the help of sun simulating lights, you may find it easier to get out of bed. Artificial light provides the illusion of morning sunlight, helping to gently wake you up. Learn how to use a sunlamp to stimulate your retinas, signaling your brain to stop producing sleep hormones so you can wake up feeling refreshed rather than groggy.

2. Increase Social Activity

Research shows that our desire to stay socially connected fluctuates seasonally. People tend to naturally feel more isolated in the wintertime, especially when living in cold climates where fewer people are out and about. Winter weather also makes it easier for people to cancel social plans in favor of staying warm indoors, reducing the amount of time you spend with others. 


But socializing is critical for our mental well-being. Being around others increases feelings of happiness and belonging. Socializing can even help improve our sense of motivation. If you find you tend to put off social engagements in the winter, consider how to increase your time spent with others. Give yourself a goal of one social appointment every week, whether it’s in person or online. The boost in social well-being can have lasting impacts on the rest of your week.

3. Try Aromatherapy

Humans are mind-body creatures, meaning that how we feel physically impacts how we feel mentally, and vice versa. If you’re feeling the winter blues, you can help lift your mood by stimulating your physical senses, including your sense of smell.


Aromatherapy is an easy way to increase alertness and elevate mental well-being. It’s believed that essential oils used in aromatherapy trigger smell receptors that stimulate the parts of the brain responsible for mood regulation. So when you breathe in a particularly invigorating scent, you may feel a small mood boost or increase in energy levels. 


Some of the top essential oil recommendations for boosting mood and focus include citrus, sandalwood and tea tree oils.

4. Exercise More

Exercise and motivation tend to have a direct relationship—the more we exercise, the more motivated we feel, and the more motivated we feel, the more we exercise. So if you find yourself in a winter slump, it can be hard to muster the motivation to exercise. However, physical activity is one of the top natural mood boosters available.


Whether you’re feeling depressed, anxious or just low-energy, exercise is an effective way to reverse any kind of low mood. During exercise, the brain releases endorphins that help us better cope with stress. To stave off the winter blues, aim for 15 minutes of daily exercise, whether it’s a light jog, a brisk walk or some household deep-cleaning.

5. Spend Time Outdoors

Don’t let winter weather keep you confined indoors. Whether you live in California or Connecticut, it’s important to spend time outside in the winter and year-round. Being out in nature helps to revitalize your mental health and gives you the physical activity your body needs. 


If you live in a cold, wintery climate, invest in the right gear that makes it easier and friction-free to enjoy the outdoors. That way, you’ll feel better equipped to spend time outside and experience the restorative benefits of nature. Better yet, combine exercising and socializing with spending time outdoors by hiking local trails with a friend.

Mental Wellness Solutions From Relax The Back

There are plenty of ways to increase your mental wellness when the winter blues hit. When you’re cozied up indoors, therapeutic tools can help you optimize your physical and mental well-being. Relax The Back has products that help boost mood, induce relaxation and rejuvenate the mind and body.


Below are some of the top wellness solutions from Relax The Back that can help you beat the winter blues.

Massage Cushions

Self-massage is one of the simplest ways to boost your mood at home whenever you’re feeling down or lacking motivation. Some of the benefits of self-massage include:


  • Increases body-wide circulation that boosts energy and focus
  • Eases muscle pain and soreness that may be affecting your mood
  • Relieves stress and tension, potentially reducing anxiety or depression symptoms


Relax The Back offers a variety of self-massagers, including massage cushions with soothing infrared heat. Portable massage cushions include the i-Puffy Lumbar Massager and the Quzy Neck Massager.


Shop all portable massage devices at Relax The Back.

Inversion Tables

Inversion therapy is an ancient approach to total-body well-being. Putting your body in an inverted position is believed to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation and neutralizing stress. Inverted postures increase blood flow and trigger a cascade of feel-good hormones, helping to boost mood and create a sense of calm. 


Inversion therapy is also thought to be good for physical restoration, including reducing pain and improving flexibility and mobility. People who incorporate inversion therapy into their daily wellness routines also report it adding to their energy levels and countering fatigue.


At Relax The Back, you’ll find stretching and inversion options to help enhance your sense of physical and mental well-being during the long winter months. Try the Fitspine XC5 Inversion Table, with an angle of up to 60 degrees.


Shop all inversion tables and stretchers from Relax The Back.

Recliners and Massage Chairs

Maximize the time you spend relaxing at home with recliners and massage chairs. Recliners and chairs with zero-gravity positioning help to restore your mind and body. Designed to cradle you in a weightless position, zero-gravity recliners and massage chairs alleviate nervous system stress and reverse the physical effects of gravity on the spine. Added features like massage, heat and power recline further enhance your total relaxation.


View our range of zero-gravity recliners, including the Perfect Chair® Power Recliner that offers custom lumbar and headrest support for a personalized fit. Or upgrade your relaxation sessions in a full-body massage chair, like the Super Novo Massage Chair with lumbar heat and zero-gravity recline.


Shop all zero-gravity recliners and massage chairs available at Relax The Back.

Ergonomic Sleep Solutions

A change in seasons impacts our circadian rhythm—the body’s internal clock that regulates the 24-hour sleep-wake cycle. As a result, many people feel tired during the day and have trouble sleeping during the winter compared to the rest of the year. To improve sleep quality and get the deep rest you need, consider how ergonomic sleep products can help.


Your sleep system—including your mattress, bed base, pillows and sheets—should promote comfort and relaxation. Achieving proper spinal alignment while you sleep can reduce pressure points and prevent soreness upon waking.


Discover how to optimize your sleep at Relax The Back. We’re a leading provider of Tempur-Pedic® mattresses that contour your body and reduce body heat for a more comfortable, soothing sleep.


Shop all Tempur-Pedic mattresses, bed bases and pillows at Relax The Back.

Shop Relax The Back for Holistic Winter Wellness

Beat the winter blues with holistic wellness solutions from Relax The Back. Our therapeutic products are designed to provide total body wellness, including for your mental well-being. Our home massage therapy, relaxation and sleep solutions help relieve stress, optimize physical health and boost your mood.


Shop online today for custom wellness solutions for your life. To get a personalized consultation with a wellness specialist, book a virtual appointment from the comfort of home. Visit a Relax The Back location near you to try before you buy and experience our custom solutions in person.




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