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***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***
***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***


  • A man and woman on a run

    How to Achieve the Ultimate Sleep

    To achieve the ultimate sleep, it’s important to optimize other areas of our health that contribMuch of what contributes to our sleep quality is determined by our daily habits. Our diet, exercise, stress levels and sleep are all interconnected. ute to sleep quality.


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  • Woman with curly hair in a white top laying back on a body pillow and smiling

    10 Reasons to Improve Sleep Quality

    Why is sleep important? High-quality sleep makes you feel better and think clearer, but it’s also vital to physical health. People who get enough sleep are at a lower risk of chronic illness and can even fight off infections better...

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  • Guided Meditation for Sleep

    Guided Meditation for Sleep

    What’s the link between meditation and sleep? Will meditation help you fall asleep faster, or will it keep you awake? Can meditation help with sleep disorders like insomnia or sleep apnea? What’s the best type of relaxing sleep meditation?  ...

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  • A woman practicing yoga in her home.

    Yoga for Active Recovery

    If you work out regularly, you know how important rest days are. Taking a day off from strenuous activity prevents injury, avoids burnout and gives your body time to heal. Resting also helps you make more progress with your workouts...

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  • Woman sitting on rocks looking at the ocean

    Guided Meditation for Relaxation

    Relaxation is a vital but often overlooked part of our mental and physical well-being. Stress and tension are major contributors to illness, disease and injury. To better manage stress, we need to make time for relaxation.   Some people struggle...

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  • Woman sitting on a mountain looking at the view

    Guided Meditation for Anxiety

    Anxiety is a completely natural experience. Your body produces a stress response whenever it's faced with a threatening situation. The stress response, also known as fight-or-flight mode, causes your heart rate and breathing to quicken and triggers the release of...

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