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***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***
***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***
Create you own spa - Relax in a Massage Chair with a weighted blanket and eye mask

Create your Own At-Home Spa Retreat With These Products

As we leave 2020 behind and ramp up the new year, many people need a well-deserved spa session to kickstart their return to a healthy lifestyle. 

An at-home spa retreat is all about creating a complete ritual experience. Establish your sanctuary by considering the sounds, smells and overall ambiance needed for the deepest possible state of relaxation. Build a personalized routine, whether it includes a therapeutic massage, a calming bath, a blissful meditation session or all of the above. 

Creating an at-home spa routine that you enjoy requires the right tools to promote true relaxation and recovery. Find everything you need for a weekly spa retreat at home with these 10 products for self-care and well-being.

1.  Zero Gravity Recliner

Start your at-home spa retreat off with some me-time by relaxing in a comfortable zero gravity recliner. Designed to evenly distribute your weight, zero gravity recliners give you a weightless sensation, as if you were floating on a cloud. The zero-gravity positioning alleviates pressure points along the spine, relieving accumulated stress throughout the body.

The  Hale AirComfort Zero Gravity Recliner has built-in air massage technology, promoting deeper release of tense muscles. With the lumbar heating feature, you’ll relax even deeper as the soothing warmth helps to restore sore and inflamed tissues. Allow yourself to release all tension, as the Hale Air Comfort recliner cradles your body in the optimal ergonomic position. 

2. Hypervolt Massager With Bluetooth

Self-massage should be a staple of any at-home spa ritual. Massage is a safe, affordable way to recover from muscle injuries, reduce chronic tension and help manage stress. The mental and physical benefits are well worth investing in by making time for self-massage daily or weekly. 

The  Hypervolt 2 Massager with Bluetooth is a multi-functional therapeutic tool for promoting deep circulation, muscle recovery and stress-reduction. Powered by percussion therapy, the Hypervolt Massager allows you to target soft tissues, stimulating their growth and repair using short bursts of pressure that mimic professional myofascial massage techniques. 

Follow guided massage recovery routines by connecting your device to the Hyperice App. Since the Hypervolt is the quietest percussion massage therapy device available, it won’t interfere with your zen vibes during spa time.

3. Therapeutic Massage Chair

The perfect daily home spa retreat can be achieved with a top-line personal massage chair. Today’s advanced massage-mimicking technology has allowed product engineers to design the most lifelike massage experience that replicates human touch. 

Massage chairs, like the  Super Novo 2.0 Massage Chair, allow you to choose your massage style. From shiatsu to deep tissue, you have full control over your personalized massage experience. Sink into a restorative ritual with a therapeutic massage chair for physical recovery and mental revitalization.

Many massage chairs have full-body massage capabilities, allowing you to target your feet, calves and thighs for complete physical benefits. Other features like heated massage, aromatherapy and Bluetooth integration give you a full five-senses experience for the perfect daily retreat. 

4. Relaxing Mindfulness Apps

Enhance your at-home spa day with serene nature sounds, spa-worthy music or guided meditations. There are plenty of apps available to help you curate the perfect spa-day playlist. Atmosphere for  Apple and  Android is a highly downloaded and well-reviewed relaxation sounds app to ease the mind or stimulate creativity. Allow the gentle sounds of ocean waves or light raindrops to carry you into a blissful state of rest.

Try guided mindfulness apps like Calm or Headspace, both developed based on the science of mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness apps guide you into a deep state of mental relaxation. As your mind lets go and busy thoughts fade away, your body will naturally start to relax—your heart rate slows and tense muscles release. As the stress melts away, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your at-home spa retreat. You can connect your phone to many of our massage chairs and play these relaxation apps through the speakers, as you enjoy a relaxing massage.

5. Aromatherapy Diffusers

If you’ve ever experienced a luxurious spa appointment, you’ve likely noticed that it’s not just the treatment that’s enjoyable, but the entire experience—from the peaceful sounds to the pleasant smells to the soft lighting. Spa treatment providers pay attention to these details, ensuring the environment itself promotes tranquility. You can achieve a similar effect at home with the right products. 

Aromatherapy diffusers immediately transport you into a spa-like state, as the scent of essential oils fills your surroundings. Favorite calm-inducing scents include lavender and bergamot, while eucalyptus and tea tree oil are the classic spa aromatherapy oils of choice. Just add a few drops to your diffuser at the start of your spa session to set the mood for ultimate self-pampering.

6. Comforting Weighted Blanket

Recreate a luxurious spa experience with a comforting and ultra-soft  weighted blanket. Designed for therapeutic purposes, weighted blankets offer many benefits for emotional and physical well-being. One of the most well-known benefits of weighted blankets is their ability to help alleviate anxiety, tension and stress. 

When giving yourself an at-home spa retreat, being totally stress-free is the main goal. A weighted blanket can help you relax deeper, comforting you just like a hug. A weighted blanket adds a precise amount of pressure to your body, activating your parasympathetic nervous system response, which puts your mind and body into rest-and-digest mode.

The  Stay Well Weighted Blanket from Relax The Back will help send you into a state of total rejuvenation, just like a true spa session. 

7. Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask

Finish off your at-home spa day with a final rest, and maybe even doze off in your massage chair or zero-gravity recliner. With the help of a luxurious sleep mask, you can block out the world around you and lull yourself into a deeper state of relaxation. 

The Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask’s patented Tempur foam material conforms to your face, providing complete darkness and giving you the perfect restful environment. Designed to promote airflow, the Tempur-Pedic Sleep mask won’t overheat, ensuring you stay cool enough to induce deeper rest. 

With your sleep mask on, turn on one of Calm’s guided sessions, cozy up under your weighted blanket and let the aroma of your essential oil diffuser surround you as you drift off to sleep.

8. Soothing Bath Salts

How you spend your spa day is up to you, but a favorite at-home spa treatment is drawing a warm, soothing bath. Take your bath time to a new level by swapping out traditional foaming or bubble bath soap for therapeutic bath salts. Known for their healing effects on sore and stiff muscles, bath salts create an immersive experience for you to fully relax while you recover from any muscle tension you might be experiencing. 

Rather than sprinkling loose salts into the water to dissolve, pour them into a mesh bag and immerse the bag into the water, letting the salts infuse. Bath salts are hygienic and much easier to clean than soapy products. You can even add a few drops of your selected essential oil to tie the whole experience together. 

9. Arch Refresh Foot Massager

An at-home spa retreat is the perfect time to tend to your body’s needs, including needs that often get neglected. For many of us, our feet don’t get the attention they deserve, yet foot massages can completely restore your sense of well-being. 

According to the ancient therapeutic practice of reflexology, massaging the feet with gentle pressure can promote healing throughout the body. Studies have even found that reflexology foot massages can alleviate pain, reduce stress and improve sleep quality.

If your feet need a little extra TLC, try the Arch Refresh Foot Massager—a self-massage tool that targets your aching feet and stimulates circulation using a variety of massage techniques. The device’s massage roller softens up tight fascia tissue, while the compression massage setting covers the entire foot for boosted blood flow. Finish off a heavenly foot massage experience with infrared heat for a truly therapeutic experience.

10. Heated Neck Massager

Chronic neck tension is an increasingly common condition that many work-from-home employees are facing these days. Without proper and ongoing neck tension relief and recovery, a sore neck can eventually lead to a pinched nerve, which can have debilitating consequences.

If you work from home, it’s important to stretch your neck, shoulders and upper back regularly to prevent painful nerve compression. Applying heat and gentle massage can do wonders to loosen up these hard working muscles. During your spa day, incorporate the type of muscle recovery you need most by applying heat therapy to your tense neck and shoulder regions. 

Products like the Quzy Neck Massager with infrared heat are the ideal at-home spa day tool for deep relaxation and health prevention. Wrap the heated neck massager around your shoulders and sink into the soothing comfort of a warm, gentle neck rub while you unwind.

Personalize Your Spa Ritual With Relax The Back

Regular rituals are vital for our mental and physical health. Take time each week to treat yourself to a spa-like experience from the comfort of your home. Whether it’s a relaxing warm bath or a heated neck massage, self-care practices like these help ground us so we can carry more calmness with us into our daily lives. 

For more ways to achieve mental restoration, physical recovery and total well-being at home, shop Relax The Back online. Find back and full-body massage chairshandheld massagers and therapeutic recovery products perfect for optimal mental and physical renewal. 



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