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Movement in the Office

The Importance of Movement in the Office, Sitting may be Killing you

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Long Beach, Calif. – Sitting at your desk for prolonged periods is bad for your health. And it’s killing us – studies show that sitting all day increases health risks like heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Our bodies are designed to move so despite having desk jobs, we should not be static all day. As back and neck pain product experts, Relax The Back understands the importance of movement in the office. Combining ergonomics, education and office products that promote increased movement in the workplace.

“People think that exercising for a couple of hours in the evening will compensate for sitting all day long, but research shows that sitting is an independent pathology and dedicated exercise won’t completely undo harmful effects” said David Stevenson, VP Retail Sales and Training at Relax The Back.

The key is frequent movement throughout your workday to counteract the harmful effects of prolonged sitting. According to Alan Hedge Director, Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory at Cornell University, “Every hour you should stand for at least 3 minutes and if you combine that with micro-breaks, you find that not only do the health problems go down, but the productivity goes up.”

To help office workers fight the “sitting epidemic,” Relax The Back is challenging workers to a “Stand Up Challenge” whereby they commit to stand up and move, a few minutes each hour during their work day. Standing 2 hours a day can burn an additional 340 calories and help minimize the harmful effects of sitting all day.

Simple and easy tips include taking frequent breaks, encouraging mobile meetings where you walk and talk, ditching the elevator and taking the stairs when possible, and stretching at your desk such as tiptoeing or standing on one leg.

To encourage workers, Relax The Back is giving away workspace solution products on their Facebook page.

Prizes include a Brezza Office Chair withcore-Flex Technology and an adjustable Sit-to-Stand desk.

In addition to finding opportunities to move at work, creating an ergonomic workspace can increase your health and productivity. A standup desk allows you to sit and stand throughout the workday, while footrests promote leg activity.

Relax The Back recently introduced core-flex technology in their Lifeform chairs. This unique seat option >is designed to allow a small range of natural motion while seated

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