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Premium Full Grain Natural Leather

Also known as unfinished, unsealed, unprotected or ‘nude’ leather, Premium Full Grain Natural Leather has a soft, smooth feel and a natural texture. The finest premium full grain hides are aniline dyed and then sealed using special waxes that are hand rubbed into the surface to bring out their elegant and individual coloring. Their full, rich grains and dramatic pull-up effect uphold the individual beauty of every Lifeform chair.

The wax/oil combination also creates a unique mottled appearance, creating rich contrasts in color throughout each hide. This treatment allows for simple maintenance, as minor scuffs and scrapes can easily be rubbed out. The final process polishes the leather to give added depth and clarity.

This low-maintenance cover requires very little care or cleaning. Use a dry cloth to remove residual dust, and remove ordinary smudges with a slightly damp cloth. Note that Premium Full Grain Natural Leather will absorb excess moisture or spills. Excessive water or spills will darken the leather.

Lifeform Stone Mountain, Provost, Harness and Embossed Leathers are examples of Premium Full Grain Natural Leathers. They showcase all of the natural characteristics of Full Grain Natural Leather: healed scars, neck wrinkles, fat wrinkles, nicks and scratches.

In Premium Full Grain Natural Leather, the subtle to obvious color and texture variances from panel to panel are to be expected and appreciated. Because every hide of Natural Leather absorbs dye differently, your chair will not exactly match any leather swatch. Adjustment for color variances cannot be accommodated. For applications requiring color consistency among multiple chairs, we recommend Premium Full Grain Enhanced Leather. Since every piece of Natural Leather is truly unique we simply cannot replicate a previously manufactured chair. That’s the beauty of Natural Leather.

Available Options:

Premium Deer Run/Brighton Leather:

Sapphire, Hero, Unbridled, Black, Buckskin, Pewter

Premium Stone Mountain Leather:

Black, Chocolate

Premium Harness Leather:

Tobacco, Cuero, Moss, Black, Chocolate

*Some styles or colors may be discontinued. Please call 1-800-222-5728 for available leather options.

Premium Full Grain Enhanced Leather

This fine leather is robust and durable, while soft and supple to the touch. Lifeform Deer Run leather is an example of Premium Full Grain Enhanced Leather.

To produce Premium Full Grain Enhanced Leather, the finest premium full grain hides are surface treated to enhance the appearance of the grain by concealing natural marks and scars. The leather is then aniline or semi-aniline dyed. Pigment is added for color consistency and protection against fading. Note that prolonged direct sunlight will fade and damage any aniline dyed Leather.

Wax and oil may then be applied for a natural aniline appearance and feel. The top surface is treated with a clear protective coating to guard the leather from spills and minor scuffs and scrapes. The surface protection provides an initial barrier against ordinary spills, which should be blotted immediately with a dry cloth. A damp cloth is all that is needed for day-to-day maintenance.

Consistent coloring and its soft, full texture make Premium Enhanced Full Grain Leather an excellent choice for those who prefer uniform color, or for alternating panel colors for that unique two tone chair.

Standard Top Grain Leather

Standard Top Grain Leather or Corrected Leather is made from quality hides that have the surface perfected by removing the top layer and embossing a consistent grain into the leather. Lifeform Odyssey is an example of Standard Top Grain Leather.

Top Grain leathers tend to be stiffer than Full Grain leathers, and are therefore well suited for commercial use or heavy wear areas. These Top Grain hides are a little thicker than Premium Full Grain hides and are finished by spraying the dye directly onto the surface. This seals the hides, making them durable and easy to clean because dirt and moisture cannot penetrate into the leather through the pores. A clear coat is then applied to protect the color.

Standard Top Grain Leather should be cleaned with warm water, mild soap and a damp soft cloth. Top Grain Leather is a good choice in a hostile environment as the thicker hides resist most cuts and scrapes. As a natural product, leather will always have some inconsistencies in color and finish.

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