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About Relax the Back

Mission Statement

Relax The Back® provides best-in-class wellness solutions to achieve a life well lived.  livewellness®  is our mantra to relieve pain, improve health and foster well-being by transforming routine, space and life for our customers.


Company History

Relax The Back was founded in 1984 by an osteopathic physician who wanted to make it easier for his patients to find the self-care products necessary to relieve their neck and back pain.  The company began franchising in 1989 with the support of the medical community behind it.  It is this relationship with the medical community that put Relax The Back in a unique position - that of a specialty wellness retailer.  With success for nearly 40 years, the company embraces a holistic approach for a healthier lifestyle we call livewellness.  The four pillars of livewellness include Healthy Sleep, Healthy Body and Healthy Mind and Healthy Work – these collectively address the most significant phases of our daily lives.

With more than 80 stores throughout North America, and our website, our clients enjoy personalized experience with education and best in class ergonomic and wellness product solutions that address their unique needs. Store consultants are trained in common spinal health disorders as well as strategies to support a healthy lifestyle.  We understand that wellness is a personal cycle of physical and mental relief, renewal, prevention, and sustainable activities that support sound health.  In fact, many medical professionals rely on Relax The Back as a resource for prevention and continued care of their patients.  We are dedicated to helping our clients live healthier and happier lives.  Visit Relax The Back and change your life.

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