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How Couples Can Sleep Better

junio 01, 2019

How Couples Can Sleep Better

How Couples Can Sleep Better

If sleeping with your significant other is a struggle, you’re not alone. 85% of American adults report they have problems sleeping at night with 40% of those adults saying it is due to their spouse or partner tossing and turning. There are numerous studies that suggest sleeping together has a positive impact on one’s health, and more and more adults are sleeping separately in order to get a better night’s sleep. Tossing and turning, snoring, temperature control, and distractions can have negative effects on your sleep quality and health and are common reasons adults are sleeping apart.

Follow these 7 tips to help the two of you sleep better together:

  1. Get fitted for a pillow. Find a pillow that fits your specific sleeping style and body type and be sure to replace it every two to three years. Over time, pillows can collect bacteria, mold, and dust mites to become unhealthy to sleep on as well as change shape.
  2. Invest in the best mattress. Along with your pillow, your mattress is key to helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. Our trained sleep experts can work with you to show you numerous mattress options based on preferences of both you and your partner. A memory foam mattress is a great option for couples as it diminishes the effects of tossing and turning throughout the night.
  3. Minimize disruptions. Cover electronic screens, use a sleep mask or purchase heavy shades or curtains to help keep distracting lights away. If possible, keep the kids and pets out of the bed and be sure to turn phones off or on silent.
  4. Stagger bedtimes. If your partner is keeping you up with their snoring or tossing and turning, going to bed at different times can be a resolution. Try going to sleep first, then have them join once you’ve fallen into a deep sleep.
  5. Control the temperature. Many couples have different preferences when it comes to sleep temperature. Have an extra set of blankets just for you if you tend to be a cold sleeper. If you’re a hot sleeper, invest in gel sleeping products that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.
  6. Silence is golden. Consider earplugs or earmuffs to quiet outside noises or your partner snoring. A vibrating alarm clock is another option if you wake up at different times.
  7. Unwinding after a long day can sometimes be difficult. At the end of the day, this is your time to reconnect with your partner, relax, and be present in the moment.

Visit your local Relax The Back store to try our sleep products out first hand. We can help you determine the best products for your sleeping situation so you and your partner can be on your way to a better night’s sleep.

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