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The Original Worm


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  • Product Description

     The Original Worm combines the benefits of therapy balls with a foam roller in one versatile, easy to use tool. Its solid 4 rubber ball construction provides comfort & relief from neck to feet and pretty much everything in between! The Worm is also the most portable roller around. You can use it in the car, on a plane, at the office at home or at the gym. 


    Features & Benefits 

    • Portability - easy to pack in your carry on, gym bag or briefcase
    • Versatility - therapeutic relief from neck to feet and pretty much everything in between
    • Multiple uses - back pain, shin splints, foot pain, stiff neck, and headaches
    • Color choices - pink and black
    • Anyone can use - athletes, adults, and kids of all ages
    • Two sizes - the 6.3 is smaller & harder, the 7.0 contains larger, less firm balls 
  • Product Details

    People of all ages are finding relief using The Worm. Its unique design yields to your body contours without putting too much pressure on your bones and joints. The two sizes give you the option of the intensity of your message. The 6.3 Worm is smaller and contains lacrosse style (harder) balls. This is great if you like more intense, deep tissue type massager as it gets into the small tight spots. The 7.0 contains larger, less firm balls which are great for a good all over massage as it covers more surface area and is not as intense as the 6.3. Both are available in pink or black.

    Size 6.3 (9.5" Long X 2.75" Thick)
    Size 7.0 (10.5" Long X 3.00" Thick)