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Back Cold Compression Wrap by Hyperice

SKU# 1004000100

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  • Product Description

    The Back Cold Compression Wrap by Hyperice is an easy-to-use, portable two-part cryotherapy device. Combining a plush neoprene wrap and ice cell with a patented air-release valve, the Hyperice back molds the ice to your lower back perfectly for an optimal “ice cast" treatment. Designed to treat and/or prevent lower back pain, spasms, overuse, or strain.

    Features and Health Benefits: 

    • Multi-layer sleeve - Layer 1: 3mm premium compression neoprene with plush finish, Layer 2: 3mm premium compression neoprene tension layer
    • Ice Cell - Provides a 10" x 10" icing area and features a wide mouth opening and secure water seal
    • Cell Skin - Ultra-thin and durable to allow for rapid cold transfer
  • Product Details

    Dimensions and Specs:

      • Dimensions: 46"L x 12"H
      • Weight: 1.5 Lbs.
      • Warranty: 1-Year Warranty