Contempo III Adjustable Base


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  • The Contempo III, is the solution for those looking for a bed that can be adjusted at different sections of your needs.  These different, modular sections, create the foundation for your preferred sleep style.  When not asleep, adjust the bed upright transforming your bed to a soft recliner.  The sections allow for more personalized position, you'll be able to find just the right way to sleep. 

    • Under-Bed Light - LED light in a choice of colors
    • Edge-to-Edge Adjustable lumbar support - separated head section
    • Dual USB Outlets - built-in USB outlet on each side
    • Lounge Feature - Lower the legs 


    • The Contempo III has modern Modular deck support
    • Dynamic Edge to Edge Lumbar Support up to 7" rise
    • Massage- patented motor construction; padded assembly greatly reduces noise
    • Two Built-in USB Outlets
    • ZG Programmable remote
    • Wall /Seat Hugger

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  • Dimension
    Twin: 38 x 74 inches
    Twin Long:38 x 80 inches
    Double: 53 x 74 inches
    Queen: 60 x 80 inches
    King: 76 x 80 inches

    Modular Design Contour to your body's preferred position with five moving sections.

    Anti-Snore Position Sleep better - use the anti-snore position to reduce snoring (for you or the person next to you).

    Zero Gravity Position Improve blood flow, reduce back pain, and feel almost weightless in zero gravity.

    Incline Position Get neck support and lift your feet up for better support and relaxation while you read, work, watch, or browse.

    Custom Remote and Voice-Powered App An ergonomic remote designed just for the Contemporary III will make it easy to get into relaxation mode. And we made it even easier by adding a voice-powered app so you don't have to move an arm muscle.

    Therapeutic Massage Get ready to rumble into total relaxation with the massage function. Choose how you want it by selecting the intensity.

    Improved Lift Capacity Don't be afraid to get close - two heavy-duty motors lift up to 850 lb. per base.

    Auto-Flat Press one button to return to a flat, neutral position.

    Fit Rize beds are designed to fit inside most existing headboard/footboard/rail systems.

    Seat Extension Keep your nightstand close at hand with the seat hugger design, which prevents the bed from rising too far out of reach.

    Continuous Motion Mode Set the bed to go through a series of positions automatically.

    Steel Post Legs For extra durability, we use steel post legs that can support even the thickest mattress.

    Gravity Release Rize motorsalso have a built in safety feature to reduce stress on objects caught under the bed, so there's no worry about pinching or pressing.

    Battery Backup Even during a complete power outage, the replaceable fuse of the battery backup system allows you to return your bed to a flat, sleeping position.

    Massage Auto Shut-Off To keep both you and your bed from wearing out, the massage motors will shut off after 15 minutes. Just give them a five minute rest and they'll be good to go.

    Adjustable Headboard Brackets Available for additional purchase, these headboard brackets make it easy to attach your favorite headboard to your adjustable bed.

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  • No interest Financing available

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