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Introducing Relax The Back Virtual Appointments 

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Experience custom, real-time demonstrations of a curated assortment of products of premium wellness solutions; all from the comfort of your own home.






Brandi HeadshotMeet Brandi
Brandi is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. She can help you with product recommendations to meet your specific needs based on her knowledge and experience. Brandi is available for private consultations via Zoom.


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Be good to yourself. Discover the convenience of a Relax The Back Virtual Appointment.

Relieve. Prevent. Promote. Renew.

Relax The Back Virtual Appointments provides a unique, holistic approach to support your health in all aspect of your daily life – at home, at work, at play, and at rest.

Healthy Work: Ergonomic Solutions for Everyone

Whether you're looking for an ergonomic home office or an at-home learning solution, we can help you create a space that works for you. Add movement to your day with a sit-to-stand desk, active seating, an ergonomic office chair, or a rocking footrest. Utilize desk accessories that bring the work to you: monitor arms, keyboard trays, and task lighting.

Healthy Mind: Unwind for Total Relaxation

Take your relaxation or meditation to a new level in one of our Zero Gravity Recliners. Add a Sleep Mask, Weighted Blanket, or far infrared heating pad to deepen the effects of relaxation. Engage in mindfulness by focusing on your senses in one of our premium massage chairs that feature Bluetooth connectivity, aromatherapy, and chromotherapy LED lighting.

Healthy Body: Targeted Relief for a Better Me

Be good to yourself by taking care of your body. Whether it’s for therapy, recovery, or relaxation a full body massage may be just what you need. The app enabled Super Novo massage chair can offer the relief you need. A foam roller or a percussive therapy gun like the Hypervolt can be an effective tool to add your warm-up or cool down, before and after exercise. Ever feel like you could use a full body stretch? Experience spinal decompression with an inversion table. The Teeter C5 Inversion Table comes loaded with features like trigger point therapy, adjustable lumbar, and a companion app loaded with on demand exercises.

Healthy Sleep: Mattress, Pillows and Wedges for Ultimate Rest

A good day starts with a night of good rest. We offer a complete line of mattresses, pillows, and sleep support accessories. The TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Base powered by Sleeptracker AI responds to snoring automatically, provides tips to improve your sleep directly to your phone and connects to your smart home device to adjust your mattress to your favorite sleep position with the sound of your voice.

All Paths Lead to Wellness


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