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CPAP Pillow by Technogel®

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  • Product Description

    The CPAP Pillow by Technogel® has been specifically designed to help sleepers with OSA during CPAP therapy laying on their preferred sleeping position.

    Features and Health Benefits: 

    • C-Shaped Sides- Cupped central zone features thick layer of conforming Technogel® to snuggly keep your head in place. Ergonomic design supports neck and spinal alignment so you can sleep comfortably on your back throughout the night.
    • Contoured Shoulder Zones - Ergonomically curved edges fit around your shoulders to help avoid pushback so you can lay comfortably where your mask fits in the side cut-out.
    • Custom Fitted Cover - Included cover is engineered to perfectly fit the unique shape of the pillow, providing a soft feel with just the right amount of stretch. Leave the cover on for added coziness, or take it off to maximize the cooling effect of Technogel®. Either way, please remember to always use a pillowcase.
    • Enhanced Breathability and Cooling Effect - A patent pending design features an array of top-to-bottom air tunnels that enhance Technogel®’s naturally high thermal conductivity so you stay cool, comfortable and sound asleep.
    • Get the Right Fit - All Technogel® pillows are ergonomically designed to keep your head, neck and spine aligned. Match the shape and height with your body conformation to find the one that fits just right for you.
    • A Healthy Choice - Technogel® is the only polyurethane gel made without plasticizer oils—it’s non-toxic, virtually odorless, and resists hardening or softening due to temperature or age. It's a biocompatible and resilient patented soft-solid gel. 
  • Product Details

    Dimensions and Specs:

    • Regular Size Dimensions: 26"L x 16.5"H x 4.5"D
    • Thick Size Dimensions: 26"L x 16.5"H x 5.1"D
    • Total Product Weight: 7 Lbs.
    • Warranty: 2-Year Warranty
    • Please Note: All bedding items may not be returned or exchanged