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Limited Edition Swopper® Active Stool with Microfiber Seat

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Color: Black

The Swopper® active motion stool unveils a transformative sitting experience by combining patented motion technology, German-engineered precisions, and a playful design. The experience is intuitive and instantaneous. Sitting on the Swopper® immediately unlocks a nearly unlimited range of motion. Bounce up and down. Shift side-to-side. Rock back and forth. Swivel 360 degrees. This opportunity to move while you sit is as engaging and mentally stimulating as it is good for you. The Swopper® motions strengthen the back, promote an upright sitting posture, increases concentration, and make you feel fitter and happier.

The Limited Edition Swopper® Active Stool with Microfiber Seat features a soft microfiber seat, sleek black frames, and options with or without casters.

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    Features & Benefits

    Patented 3D Motion - The Swopper® utilized a patented German-engineered, Aeris 3D technology. It allows the user to access unlimited combinations of back and forth, side-to-side and vertical movement. Relax With Ergonomics - The sitting experience of the Swopper® is one of a kind. This active seating leader challenges the conventional way we sit - static, slouching, and leaning - and restrains the body to staying in motion while maintaining a back beneficial posture. Adjust To Your Height Continuously - The gas pressure spring of the Swopper® offers you continuous height adjustment. Stable Foot Ring - The foot of the ergonomic office stool is extremely tilt resistant and stable. Adjust It To Your Body Weight - The spring tension of the office stool and thus the vertical movement is individually adjustable to your body weight. The sideways flexibility of the Swopper® is also adjustable according to your preference. Convex Seat - The convex seat is very comfortable and promotes a free and upright sitting position. It prevents vascular congestion on the underside of your thighs. Base Types: - Glides: For an extra firm stand. Suitable for all workplaces where the Swopper® is mainly in the same position. This Swopper® comes with felt and metal glides, making it suitable for both hard and soft floors. - Casters: The special caster mechanism and the center column ensure that the Swopper® does not roll away even when sitting. In addition, the Swopper® can be flexibly rolled from one workstation to the next with a light load.

    Specifications & Details

    • Weight Range: 110 - 265 Lbs.
    • Total Product Weight: 24.25 Lbs.
    • Height Adjustment Range: 17.71" - 23.23"
    • Foot Ring: Die-cast aluminum; powder-coated; diameter: 21.65" without casters; 23.23" with casters


    3-Year Warranty

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