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Humanscale Element Disc Light by Humanscale


Step 1: Color
Arctic White (High-Gloss)
Silver (Semi-Matte)
Jet Black (Semi-Matte)
Step 2: Add-Ons
  • Product Description

    Humanscale’s Element Disc task light brings together advanced technology and optimal functionality. An innovative and adjustable LED desk lamp, Element Disc complements any work space, home office or hospitality environment. Using Thin Film LED Technology, Element Disc offers seven levels of brightness with just an effortless pinch of the light head. It also features a PIR occupancy sensor that turns the unit on or off when the user enters or leaves the area.

    Features and Health Benefits: 

    • Latest LED Technology - Through the use of revolutionary Thin Film LED Technology, Element Disc produces a consistent ultra-wide light footprint. This new technology not only provides ample amounts of bright 3000K light that helps reduce eye strain, but also increases the lamp’s usable life.
    • Smart Dimming - Element Disc’s smart dimming feature provides seven adjustable illumination levels for energy-efficiency and ergonomic function. Intelligent and intuitive, Element Disc features a built-in PIR occupancy sensor that automatically turns the unit off when the user is not in the area.
    • One-Touch Adjustability - Disc’s internal counterbalance system provides effortless, one-touch positioning and it folds away into a compact nesting position for easy storage. Available in one of 20 mounting options to suit any work environment, Element Disc is an incredibly versatile adjustable LED desk lamp.
    • Product Details

      Dimensions and Specs:

      • Lumen output: 315 lumens
      • Power consumption: 7 watts
      • Color Temperature: 3000K
      • Color Rendering Index: 80
      • Lifespan: Up to 50,000 hours
      • Maximum reach: 28”
      • Working height: 18”
      • Warranty: 10 year, 24/7 warranty