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Teeter Contour L5 Inversion Table


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  • Product Description

    Features & Benefits:
    • Deluxe EZ-Reach Ankle System with extra-long handle reduces the need for bending and is made of aerospace-grade stainless steel with a gravity lock safety system
    • One-Click Balance Feature allows the user to easily adjust the balance point to accommodate users of different shapes and sizes without the need to remove the bed from the frame
    • Patented Pivot System ensures smooth, whisper-soft rotation and control
    • Sleek Frame Design stylishly allows for easier mounting and dismounting
    • EZ-Angle Rotation Control features specialized guide with pre-set positions for beginning through advanced inversion
    • Flex Technology Bed with ergonomic shape and movable rib support system flexes with you to allow greater range of motion during stretching and exercise
    • Smooth, durable and easy-to-clean bed surface reduces friction to optimize decompression
    • Acupressure Nodes come in two sizes, insert anywhere into the Ergonomic Flex Technology bed to add healing pressure for the supporting muscles of the spine
    • Decompression Arch can be positioned behind the neck or back for deeper compression and improved alignment
    • Large Support Hand Grips are rubber-coated and provide easy-reach assistance during inversion, can also be used as “traction handles” for additional stretching and decompression
    • Ergo-Embrace Supports with specialty foam and pressure-reducing design evolved from years of research to make our most comfortable ankle cups yet
    • Head Pillow can be moved or removed for your comfort needs
    • Heavy-Duty Steel Base features corner feet to protect floors and a scratch-resistant finish

    NEW Additions now included

    • (8) Adjustable Position Acupressure Nodes 
    • (1) Customizable and adjustable Lumbar Bridge

    Using a Teeter helps:

    • Re-hydrate discs: Damaged discs can take a long time to repair since they don't have a direct blood supply. Inverted decompression takes pressure off the discs, allowing them to widen and hydrate with nutrients that help expedite repair. The added cushion helps increase shock absorption and flexibility.
    • Reduce nerve pressure: Inverting on a Teeter has been clinically proven to increase inter-vertebral separation[1], helping to open up the passageway for nerve roots and alleviating pain caused by pinched nerves[2]. Those who experience sciatic pain can benefit from this aspect of inversion. Less pressure means less pain.
    • Realign: The back is supported by hundreds of ligaments and muscles that stabilize the spine but also hold it in compression. When the back moves out of alignment from bad posture, too much sitting, or rotational activities, this support structure holds the body in misalignment. Even while lying down, your spine maintains 25% of standing pressure, especially in your lumbar. In order to decompress, the spine needs a traction force of at least 60% of your body weight, roughly equivalent to inverting at an angle of 60° on a Teeter[3]. This type of progressive decompression naturally re-aligns the weight-bearing skeleton, promoting good posture.
    • Relax tense muscles: Inverting to as little as 25° for a few minutes can help relax muscles and speed lymph flow. A study conducted by physiotherapist L.G. Nosse found that EMG activity (an indicator of muscle tension) declined over 35% within ten seconds of inverting.[4]

    [1] Sheffield, F.: Adaptation of Tilt Table for Lumbar Traction. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 45: 469-472, 1964

    [2] Kane, M, et al: Effects of Gravity-facilitated Traction on Intervertebral Dimensions of the Lumbar Spine. Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Phys Ther. 281-288, Mar 85

    [3] Nachemson, A, et al: Intravital Dynamic Pressure Measurements in Lumbar Discs. Scandinavian Journal of Rehab Medicine, supplement, 1970.

    [4] Nosse, L.: Inverted Spinal Traction. Arch Phys Med Rehabilitation 59: 367-370, Aug 78.

  • Product Details

    Assembled Dimension: 61""H x 28""W x 64""L Folded Dimension: 25” x 27.75” x 68” (63.5 x 70.5 x 172.7 cm) Non-Use Length: 64"" Non-Use Height: 61"" In-Use Length: 83"" In-Use Width: 27.8"" In-Use Height: 88"" Height Capacity: 4'8"" - 6'6"" (142 - 198 cm) Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. (136 kg) Assembled Weight: 66 lbs. Warranty: 5-year Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge also available separately by calling 1-800-222-5728 to speak with a Customer Service Representative. NOTE: Mat for suggested inversion therapy stretches sold separately.