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ELEMAX Cooling, Heat and Massage Unit

by X-Chair
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The ELEMAX is a cooling, heat, and massage lumbar unit that provides full-body temperature control to maximize your seated comfort. ELEMAX is designed to work with you in any situation, whether working at home or at the office, gaming late at night, or watching TV. ELEMAX is the apex of comfort and technology to support your lifestyle.

The ELEMAX stand-alone unit can be installed into the Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) of your existing X-Chair (X-Basic, X1, X2, X3, and X4). It can also be used while traveling, in your car, or lounging at home. 

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Features & Benefits
  • Massage Modes - Two modes that offer both constant and variable massage patterns. 
  • Massage Intensity - Two levels of massage intensity, gentle and powerful. 
  • Cooling Therapy - Powered by dual fans to keep your body temperature cool and comfortable.
  • Heat Therapy - Fast warming technology that delivers consistent heat up to 55 degrees C / 131 degrees F.
  • Stand-Alone Unit - Can be used anywhere - on the sofa, chair, or in the car
  • Easy-to-Use Buttons - Three simple buttons with LED lights to control the varying settings of heat, massage, and power.
  • Multiple Charging Options - Wall charger, USB, and battery-powered.
Specifications & Details

  • Dimensions: 16" L x 10" W x 4" D.
  • Weight: 5 Lbs.


3-Year Warranty



Even with the breathable mesh fabrics on X-Chair, there are times you'll want to keep the air flowing, especially if you're putting in serious hours of work. The dual fans on ELEMAX™ circulate the air around your lumbar, keeping your body temperature under control — even if your daily to-do list is not. *Not available on X-HMT®.



Sound ergonomics are an essential feature and the core of every X-Chair design. But long days of endless meetings can take their toll on muscles and more. With a quick press of a button, the fast-warming technology of ELEMAX™ adds heat to your lumbar (up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit), so you can stay on task for as long as you need to.



Take relaxation to a whole new level with two different massage modes. Constant or variable pulse vibrations resonate across your lower back to loosen stiff or sore muscles. When you combine body-benefitting massage with fast-warming heat technology on ELEMAX™, you'll have all the power you need to ease pain and de-stress.



If cooling, heat and vibration variations aren't enough ... ELEMAX™ also gives you two levels of massage intensity. Choose between gentle or powerful and discover all the ways to soothe tired muscles and just relax. Because when it comes to making tough decisions, every executive needs options like these.

Flexible and Versatile

Use the ELEMAX™ Cooling Heat and Massage Unit in your X-Chair

1. Portable

While the ELEMAX™ fits perfectly in the DVL® of an X-Chair, it is designed to work while on the road. Power up ELEMAX™ while you watch TV, take off, or cruise down the highway.

2. USB Charger

The ELEMAX™ comes with a USB charging cord making this the most versatile massaging unit out there. Easily charge your device through your computer or device and let it work for you during your day.

3. Wall Charger

Use the included wall charger when you’re in work mode and let the ELEMAX™ cooling, heat and massage therapy unit keep you focused and less stressed.

Upgrade an existing X-Chair

Upgrade an existing X-Chair

Already have an X-Chair, but didn't get the ELEMAX™ initially? No worries, you can upgrade today! Purchase the ELEMAX™ stand-alone unit and install it into the DVL® of your X-Chair. Compatible models include: X1 Flex Mesh Task Chair, X2 K-Sport Mgmt Chair, X3 A.T.R. Mgmt Chair, X4 Leather Exec Chair, X-Tech Ultimate Executive Chair, XG-Wing Mgmt Chair, X-Basic DVL® Task Chair, and X-Side Chair.

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