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Cubii Seated Elliptical


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  • Product Description

    Cubii gives you everything you need to start bringing more activity into your life. The patented technology lets you work out anytime and anywhere! The Cubii compact seated elliptical fits easily into your space - whether at home in front of your favorite chair or under the desk at work. It’s whisper-quiet, sleek, and ergonomically designed to work your core, hip flexors, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves - over half your body’s muscle groups! The Cubii is the ultimate way to bring more activity and wellness into your life. 

    Features & Benefits:

    • Sleek, Compact Design - fits seamlessly into any space
    • Patented Whisper Quite Design - lets you pedal smoothly with plenty of clearance for your knees and no noise disruption
    • Built-in Handle - makes it portable and easy to carry
    • 8 Levels of Resistance - start slow and increase performance over time
  • Product Details

    Designed to fit under most desks. Recommended desk height from the floor to the underside is at least 25 inches. Have at least 2-3 inches of clearance between the underside of your desk and your knees regardless of its overall height.

    Dimensions: 23"L x 17.5"H x 10"W
    Weight: 25 LBS
    Warranty: 1-year warranty

    Compare Versions

    Cubii Jr
    Attached LCD Monitor
    Track your Strides, Distance, RPMs, Time, and Calorie
    Not Bluetooth enabled

    Cubii Pro
    Bluetooth enabled Connect to the Cubii App, allowing you to track your progress
    Connect to the Cubii Community, set goals, compete in groups
    Sync to Fitbit and Apple Healthkit

    Cubii Elite
    Bluetooth enabled
    Same as the Pro
    Features a premium wood finish look, perfect for the design enthusiast