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Freedom Task Chair in Lotus by Humanscale

SKU# F111K128

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Lucky Red
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  • Product Description

    Designed to complement any space and integrate effortlessly into the modern office, the Freedom task chair offers comfort, style and complete ease of use. Created by Niels Diffrient and winner of more than 10 design awards, the Freedom task chair uses the laws of physics and the sitter’s body weight to provide instant, custom support for every sitter. This perfect balance allows the user to effortlessly move, but be fully supported in each position. As a result, users change postures often, which leads to a more healthy and comfortable sitting experience. 

    Features and Health Benefits: 

    • Lotus Material - As an antimicrobial fabric, Lotus is easy to clean and protects against the growth of certain microorganisms, making it an ideal fabric for both home and office applications. This textile is aptly named after the plant known for its healing properties, beauty, and cleanliness
    • Counter Balance Mechanism - Provides perfect recline resistance for all users automatically and encourages healthy, spontaneous movement throughout the day 
    • Independently Adjustable Seat and Backrest - Fits virtually any body size
    • Standard Arms - Vertical motion with a 6" range 
    • Advanced Arms - Vertical and Lateral motion to push armrest outward and inward 
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