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Dr. Cohen's Acuball Mini


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  • Product Description

    Release tight muscles groups in the feet, hands, shoulders and upper back with the Acuball Mini Heatable Massager.
    The Acuball-Mini’s smaller nibs and harder feel make it perfect for releasing tight muscles in the smaller muscle groups of the body such as the feet, hands, shoulders, upper back, arms and forearms. It is particularly effective in the feet for relieving painful conditions like plantar fascitis.
    Athletes (golfers, runners, tennis players) use the Acuball-mini before their activity to loosen problem areas in their feet, shoulders or arms to enhance muscle performance and reduce risk of injury.

    It’s also an excellent massage tool – used by thousands of health professionals to save their hands!
    Try massaging your friend’s shoulders and neck with it and you'll understand why.
    The Acuball-Mini is also wonderful for helping arthritic hand conditions creating improved circulation, increased joint motion and relaxed muscle. Many people travel with the Acuball-Mini in their purse.

    The Toronto Raptors of the NBA get an Acuball-Mini as part of their training program.
    Because it's 100% natural pain relief and performance enhancement effects are that good!
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