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Tiger Ball® Massage-on-a-Rope®


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  • Product Description

    The Tiger Ball Massage-on-a-Rope by Tiger Tail is their premier back knot massage tool. Created for working out hard-to-reach back knots, this tool can put your muscle recovery into your own hands. A self back massager that’s extremely easy to use and perfect for travel. Simply put the ball behind you, lean up against a wall or lie down on the ground, and press away. Much like a bear rubs up and down on a tree. Perfect for busting out knots in the back, shoulders, legs, piriformis, and other spots wanting deep pressure.   

    Features and Health Benefits:

    • Tiger Tail Gription™ - Deep grip and friction on fascia and muscles to bust out knots fast and speed recovery
    • Corded rope - Allows you to position the ball exactly where you want it and keeps it from falling on the ground
    • Tiger Ball 1.7" - Works best for feet and other small muscle groups in the back, shoulder, and glutes
  • Product Details

    Dimensions and Specs:

    • Tiger Ball 1.7 Dimensions: 55”x1.7”
    • Tiger Ball 1.7 Product Weight: 2.4 ounces
    • Tiger Ball 2.6 Dimensions: 47”x2.6”
    • Tiger Ball 2.6 Product Weight: 7.5 ounces
    • Warranty: 3 Year Warranty