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Bodyblade® Classic Kit Plus


  • Product Description

    The key to Bodyblade® is the rapid contraction technology (RCT) which automatically contracts your muscles up to 270 times a minute. With over 600 muscles in your body, Bodyblade ® automatically contracts the right muscles at the right time, every moment you’re exercising for a fast, effective and intelligent workout. The harder you drive the blade back and forth (Flex Intensity), the greater the flex, and the more resistance you receive resulting in a strong, reactive and stable body. 

    Features and Health Benefits: 

    • Increases - Overall strength, balance, coordination, and muscle endurance. 
    • Improves - Joint stability, flexibility, and wellness.  
    • Effectively Targets - All muscles groups in the body automatically.


  • Product Details

    Dimensions and Specs:

    • Dimensions: 49" x 5.5" x 2.25"
    • Total Product Weight: 3.7 Lbs.
    • Warranty : 1 year limited Manufacturer Warranty
    • Bodyblade Classic: (48"L x 1.75"D 1-22lb resistance) lightweight and portable, smooth resistive workout
    • Super 6 / Power 10 DVD: Offers short, powerful, fund and effective workouts that deliver results
    • Bodyblade Yoga DVD: Become energized as you find balance between stillness, movement and transformation
    • Exercise Wall Chart: (28" x 20") quick-reference exercise poster for on-the-go exercising
    • Bodyblade Classic Carry Bag: Must -have for those who love to travel with their Bodyblade, take it to the park for a workout, or store it conveniently on a hook or hanger