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***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***
***Celebrating 40 YEARS Of Health & Wellness***

Swopper® Active Stool with Faux Leather Seat

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The Swopper® seat active motion stool unveils a transformative sitting experience by combining patented motion technology, German-engineered precision, and a playful design. The experience is intuitive and instantaneous. Sitting on the Swopper immediately unlocks a nearly unlimited range of motion through its ergonomic design. Bounce up and down. Shift side-to-side. Rock back and forth. Swivel 360 degrees. This opportunity to move while you sit is as engaging and mentally stimulating as it is good for you. The Swopper® motions strengthen the back, promotes an upright sitting posture, increases concentration, and makes you feel fitter and happier.

This active stool is equipped with a gas pressure spring, offering continuous height for increased personalization. The vertical movement is weight-adjustable for each individual and the sideways flexibility can also be adjusted to your liking. Similarly, the Swopper’s convex seat is designed to promote upright posture and helps prevent muscular congestion in the thighs and lower back.

The Limited Edition Swopper® Active Stool with Faux Leather Seat features a cruelty-free leather alternative in black or white with unique combinations of black and white frames. Select from either the glides or casters as your base type to better suit your space.

Features & Benefits
  • Patented 3D Motion - The Swopper® utilized a patented German-engineered, Aeris 3D technology. It allows the user to access unlimited combinations of back & forth, side-to-side and vertical movement.
  • Relax With Ergonomics - The sitting experience of the Swopper® is one of a kind. This active seating leader challenges the conventional way we sit - static, slouching and leaning - and restrains the body to stay in motion while maintaining a back beneficial posture. 
  • Adjust To Your Height Continuously - The gas pressure spring of the Swopper® offers you continuous height adjustment.
  • Stable Foot Ring- The foot of the ergonomic office stool is extremely tilt resistant and stable.
  • Adjust It To Your Body Weight- The spring tension of the office stool and thus the vertical movement is individually adjustable to your body weight. The sideways flexibility of the Swopper® is also adjustable according to your preference.
  • Convex Seat- The convex seat is very comfortable and promotes a free and upright sitting position. It prevents vascular congestion on the underside of your thighs.
  • Base Types:
  • Glides: For an extra firm stand. Suitable for all workplaces where the Swopper® is mainly in the same position. This Swopper® comes with felt and metal glides, making it suitable for both hard and soft floors.
  • Casters: The special caster mechanism and the center column ensure that the Swopper® does not roll away even when sitting. In addition, the Swopper® can be flexibly rolled from one workstation to the next with a light load.
Specifications & Details

  • Weight Range: 110 - 265 Lbs.
  • Total Product Weight: 24.25 Lbs.
  • Height Adjustment Range: 17.71" - 23.23"
  • Foot Ring: Die-cast aluminum; powder-coated; diameter: 21.65" without casters; 23.23" with casters


3-Year Warranty

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