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Total Sleep Mask System

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  • Product Description

    The Total Travel Sleep Mask blocks out sound and light so you can sleep comfortably anytime anywhere. It wraps securely but comfortably around your head, blocking off all light from your eyes and cushioning your ears so you aren't awoken by any noises.


    Features & Benefits

    Sleep Mask
    • One-Size-Fits-All “Dual Use” Total Sleep Mask System cover eyes and ears.
    • The blackout sleep mask is ideal for home, travel, meditation and dorm room to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling rested and refreshed
    • Bamboo blend fabric inside sleep mask is environmentally friendly, extremely soft, and wicks away moisture for ultimate comfort
    • No-pressure eye guard blocks out 100% light with zero pressure on eyes
    • Velvet-like material keeps straps from pulling or tangling your hair
    • No smudging on eye make-up, portable, and designed for durability and comfort
    • Specially designed ear packs reduce sound from snoring, CPAP machines, airline noise, noisy roommates and neighbors, barking dogs, coughing, and any other disruptive sounds.
    • Greater sound reduction, earplug pockets for storage, and washable
  • Product Details

    Care: Prior to washing, remove Sound Guard ear packs
    Washing: Hand wash mask in cold water
    Drying: Lay flat