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LumboTrain Back Brace


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  • Product Description

    Innovative proprietary knit that is breathable, moisture wicking, and hypoallergenic. Medical grade compression that offers pain and swelling reduction, healing process promotion, and injury prevention. Active support and viscoelastic massage pad combo relieves pain, helps ease tension and activates muscle control. Anatomically contoured, individually adjustable, knitted active support for max comfort.

    Please see  Details for size information

    Treatment of:

    • Back pain
    • Back sprain
    • Mild herniated disc
    • Muscular weakness
    • Lumbar degeneration (mild)


    • Back support
    • Knitted lumbar support incorporating an adjustable, anatomically contoured silicone insert stabilizes and relaxes the lower back muscles
    • Silicone insert with raised nodules provides intermittent compression to the soft tissue, leading to increased circulation, and allowing for uni-compartmental movement
    • Intermittent compression stimulates muscle activity which most lower back supports do not achieve


    1. Pressure-reduced edge

    Ensures a comfortable fit without constriction.

    2. No rigid parts

    Does not cause the back or stomach muscles to weaken like rigid braces do. Soft, yet firm support provides stability but also allows full range of motion.

    3. Fastenings and hand-straps

    Adjustable and easy to put on and take off, even for people with arthritis.

    4. Soft knit fabric

    Breathable materials keeps moisture away from the body, exerts even pressure and adapts to your body shape.

    5. Three-dimensional Train active knit

    Relieves and gently straightens the lumbar spine.

    6. Triangle cushion pad

    Supports the back during movements, provides a massaging effect and relieves pain.


    • Product Details

      Measure Body (Circumference in inches)
      Size 1: 27 1/2"- 31 1/2"
      Size 2: 31 1/2"- 35 1/2"
      Size 3: 35 1/2"- 39 1/4"
      Size 4: 39 1/4"- 43 1/4"
      Size 5: 43 1/4"- 47 1/4"
      Size 6: 47 1/4"- 51 1/4"
      Size 7: 51 1/4"- 57"