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McKenzie SuperRoll - 708


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  • Product Description

    Lower back pain can be relieved and prevented using the McKenzie SuperRoll. This cushion is particularly good if you suffer from sacroiliac joint pain because it provides support to the lower back and posterior, as well as the thigh and groin.

    It supports the natural curve of your spine in all seating conditions and it molds to your lower back providing the support you need to maintain neutral spinal alignment.

    Easily transportable for the office, car, stadium, or concert chair.
  • Product Details

    The SuperRoll measures approximately 16"" long x 2"" diameter x 6"" high. Plush, soft velvet Polartek velour cover. Adjustable and removable elastic strap easily attaches to most chair backs. Velcro feature attaches to fabric chairs with no strap